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1999 Buick Regal - Great sporty first kid car.

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Mankato, Minnesota
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I think my Buick Regal '99 Grand Sport was a great first car and I still have it into my adult career. I bought it when I was 15 and it had around 75k miles on it, and I imagine that it has close to 300k on it now after owning it for almost 10 years coming up. The integrity of this car has been amazing, the only main mechanical thing to go out was the super charger belt to go out due to it being so cold and snapped. Otherwise this thing is still running like it was brand new. The other things inside the car are slowly starting to give out, examples being my heater, power windows, inside trim falling off, the lights in my dash going out just to name a few things. But outside of the minor stuff that has gone out with the car it has been a great first car and have put very little into fix... (more)
One of my greatest memories was when I first got it I would sometimes race my friends, and my car would always be the one to have the most pick up and go.
There were many pros with this vehicle. For example it being a supercharged engine made it really fast and was fun to beat on as a kid. The integrity of how the engine was build and transmission etc. has been amazing as well not giving out for almost 10 years of usage. This has been a great first car with how well it has run, how much it has cost to maintain, and how long it has lasted me.
There were a few cons as with any car. Many small things go out in the car, but it doesn't effect how your car runs. I haven't had an odometer for around 2 years due to it costing more to replace it than my car bringing it in. The heater went out as well so winters up north get pretty chilly. Another thing which is a given why I'm getting rid of it is due to the space it has. I am trading my car to grab a cross over. Finally, the design doesn't really feel like a kids car but that more of an elderly vehicle.

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