2019 Chevy Corvette Review
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2019 Chevy Corvette Review

By Autolist Staff | May 1, 2019


The 2019 C7 Chevrolet Corvette is a rear-wheel drive premium American sports car that competes against the likes of the Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Porsche 911, Mercedes-AMG C63S Coupe, Audi R8, and other powerful performance machines.

The Corvette is aimed squarely at those who want tremendous performance for substantially less money than many of its rivals charge, particularly those from Europe. The Corvette also differentiates itself noticably from the Camaro, another two-seat performance car from Chevrolet. At first glance, it might seem that the Corvette and the Chevrolet Camaro occupy the same territory. However, the Corvette sits firmly atop the Chevrolet's food chain and is focused intensely on being able to dominate both the street and the track.

For 2019, the Corvette comes in four versions: the base Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, and the brand new ZR1. The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is the most powerful Corvette ever created by Chevrolet, churning out 755 horsepower from its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. It can reach 60 mph from a standstill in 3 seconds, and continues on to a 212 mph top speed.


Many reviewers agree that the 2019 Corvette is a striking and handsome vehicle even in base trim: that long hood and short trunk area are classic Corvette design elements. The new ZR1 trim level add numerous visual elements that increase the Corvette's aggressive style dramatically: it has a wide grille, carbon fiber aerodynamics, an absolutely massive rear wing, and a tall bulging hood that uses functional vents to keep the engine bay cool.


The Corvette rides on a platform that’s noticeably smaller than its main American rivals, the Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang. Where those cars are 197.5 inches and 188.3 inches respectively, the Corvette is 179.8 inches. Curb weight for the base Corvette is also impressively light, weighing in at only 3,298 pounds.

Interior Quality and Comfort

Previous generations of the Corvette have been criticized by reviewers for its lack of refinement and material quality, but the C7 Corvette has an interior that represents a significant improvement over past models. The entire dashboard is turned slightly towards the driver making it easier for them to access the car's controls. Interior space is relatively plentiful: there are 43 inches of leg room, 53.7 inches of hip room, and 37.9 inches of head room.


While creature comforts might not spring mind when one things of a performance car, but the Corvette is reasonably well appointed in this area. It has full climate control, heated and ventilated sport seats which are well bolstered and designed to keep both driver and passenger in place under hard cornering, leather and Alcantara are used generously throughout the interior, as well as optional carbon fiber and aluminum, and the dashboard is clean and intuitive.

Utility and Practicality

While the Corvette won’t ever be confused for anything other than a true sports car, it does offer decent practicality. The trunk provides 15 cubic feet of storage space and there are numerous storage pockets and bins throughout the cabin.


Technology and Infotainment

Every iteration of the Corvette features an 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system in the center of the dash, OnStar, 4G WiFi capability, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, and a backup camera. Higher-end trims add navigation, a 10 speaker Bose sound system, Sirius satellite radio, a curb view camera, a performance data recorder, and heads-up display.


Safety and Driving Assistance

Chevy has equipped the Corvette with ABS, stability control, traction control, and front and side impact airbags. In more premium versions of the car and with certain options packages, owners can opt for super strong Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes which stop the car with greater force and in shorter distances than the standard brakes. Not only are those characteristics great for on track performance, but they're helpful for street driving as well.

Driving Experience

As you might expect, the driving experience in the 2019 Corvette is an impressive one. Critics and reviewers praise the Corvette’s incredible power, sticky Michelin tires, excellent handling, and incredible exhaust note. Most versions of the Corvette can be equipped with Chevrolet’s Magnetic Selective Ride Control system which actively reads the road surface every millisecond and adjusts the suspension accordingly. Cars with magnetic ride control provide sharp, responsive handling, and according to road tests, really take the Corvette to the next level.

Powering the 2019 Corvette is an aluminum 6.2-liter V8 engine. Both the Stingray and Corvette Grand Sport produce an impressive 460-horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque. Stepping up to the Z06 unlocks 650-horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque thanks to supercharging. And the new ZR1 provides drivers with 755-horsepower and 715 lb-ft of torque.

While technically the “base” car, the Corvette Stingray still gets to 60 mph in only 3.7 seconds. The Grand Sport does it slightly quicker, reaching the same speed in 3.6 seconds. The Z06’s increased power means it hits 60 mph in only 2.95 seconds, while the ZR1 takes an even 3 seconds.

The Corvette can be equipped with either a 7 speed manual transmission with Active Rev Matching, or an 8 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. There’s also a Z51 performance package that adds performance elements like stiffer suspension, a limited-slip differential, slotted brake rotors, high performance tires, and a multimode exhaust system that actually increases power output slightly.

Fuel Efficiency

Another impressive element of the Corvette is fuel economy. Thanks to longer gearing in the transmission, the Stingray and Grand Sport both achieve 16/25 MPG city/highway, the Z06 gets 15/22 MPG city/highway, and the ZR1 manages 13/19 MPG city/highway. When you consider how much power the Corvette makes and its focus on performance, those numbers are remarkable.

Pricing and Value

One of the Corvette’s most attractive elements is its value. For years reviewers have lauded the Corvette’s ability to provide such a high level of performance for comparatively little money. In most cases, one would need to spend significantly more to achieve the same results that the Corvette offers. And that is true whether you're talking about the base car or the incredible ZR1.

Chevrolet offers the Corvette in a wide range of trims and configurations. In addition to choosing between the coupe and convertible versions, it’s possible to buy the base car and add thousands worth of visual and performance upgrades, or to take the top-tier trims to even greater heights.

Base price for the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1LT Coupe is $56,995, while the convertible's MSRP is $61,495. Choosing the 1LT with the Z51 Performance Package which adds performance items like a dry sump oil lubrication system and electronic limited-slip differential, will set you back $61,590.

The 2LT trim level adds a number of convenience and comfort items and is $61,450 for the coupe, and $65,950 for the convertible. Include the Z51 package, and prices increase to $66,450 and $70,950 respectively.

The 3LT trim level includes more interior leather and other performance enhancements. The 3LT coupe is $66,740 and the convertible runs $71,240. Adding the Z51 package results in $71,740 for the coupe and $76,240 for the convertible.

Trim levels for the Grand Sport are similar to the Stingray. The 1LT coupe starts at $66,995, the convertible is $71,495. Go for the 2LT trim and prices rise to $71,450 for the coupe and $75,950 for the convertible. And finally, the 3LT iteration of the Grand Sport starts at $76,740 for the coupe while the convertible is $81,240.

Prices for the Z06 1LZ coupe begin at $81,995 while the 1LZ convertible is $86,495. Moving up to the 2LZ package gives the Z06 more creature comforts like the premium Bose stereo. The 2LZ package stickers at $85,560 in coupe form and $90,060 for the convertible.

And that brings us to the mighty Corvette ZR1. In base configuration, the ZR1 starts at $121,995 for the coupe version and $126,495 for the drop top. The 3ZR package, like the other packages available for the Corvette, enhances the premium nature of the interior and adds items like auto-dimming mirrors, heated and cooled seats, and embossed logos on those seats. Prices begin at $131,995 for the 3ZR coupe and $136,495 for the convertible.

In addition to all these trims, Chevrolet also offers numerous packages for the Corvette that add elements above and beyond what are outlined here. One of the most impressive packages is the ZTK Track Package for the ZR1. This $2,995 option includes the large adjustable rear wing, sticker performance tires, different suspension, and even more carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces. Another interested package is the Z07 Performance Package for the Z06. That upgrade gives the car carbon-ceramic brakes, new tires and suspension, and improved aerodynamic elements.

One look at the Corvette's price in any of its configurations and it's clear that this is a premium sports car. However, the Corvette can compete directly in terms of both price and performance with its American rivals from Ford and Dodge. When it's compared to performance vehicles like the Audi R8 or Porsche 911, the Corvette's price-to-performance ratio becomes even more significant.

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