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2003 Chevrolet Impala Limited - Great Vehicle!

Marinette, Wisconsin
Fuel Economy
The cars styling is really up to date and nice. The look is great. It is extremely comfortable to sit in, and very spacious. The trunk is very big and more than enough room. I don't really notices any blind spots, I think that really depends on the size of the driver too. I haven't had to take in to the shop at all except for the regular oil changes. The mileage was a little high when I bought it, but you can barely notice. I'm not sure about repair costs because nothing has broken yet. The car performs very smoothly. It's a nice, quiet, and very smooth ride. You can barely hear it. The acceleration, braking, and handling are awesome. I absolutely feel safe. I always feel in control when I am driving this vehicle. I have to say everything about this car is great.
We just like to bump to the music!
I love the fact that it came with a cd player. It also has a little "bass" but just enough to make you happy. The color is absolutely gorgeous. The tires are still like new. The way it drives is one of my favorite things. It's like you're not driving its so smooth. The interior is more than comfortable. It's an '03 and there still is no rust. It is so extremely spacey and comfortable. I can fit up to four people in the back and two in the front if I really want to. When I go grocery shopping my trunk is so huge that I don't even have to worry about where I'm going to put my groceries when... (more)
The one negative thing I can think of is acceleration. Its a big car so it takes a while to get up to speed. The number of miles is high, so I feel like I can't drive it much more than I have to if I want to keep it nice.

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