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2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer - So far, it's okay.

TrailBlazer Owner
Biloxi, Mississippi
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
I have always been into Chevys. My father owns two as well as some friends and I own two as well. What I like most about my Chevy is if anything were to go wrong with it, there is always someone there who can fix it. My Trailblazer was bought 3 years ago and what sold me was the size of the vehicle and honestly the design of it. I'm able to fit my drum equipment in the back with no problem. I have driven roughly 120,000 miles and I just recently started having problems with it. What I dislike about it is my CDs get stuck in the CD player and I can't get it out unless I remove the entire dash which means, I would have to send it to a professional which is an inconvenience. As far as driving, the trailblazer drives great! I wish there were more compartments for me to place some of my bel... (more)
I was on my way to go play a gig and I had my equipment in the back trunk. I actually had to flip back around to pick up my guitarist because his vehicle was on a flat and didn't have the time to fix it as we were already running late. He shoved his equipment in the backseat and we sped on down the highway to the gig. Right then, I found out how much room the trailblazer had which was more tha... (more)
A Favor
Sleek design. Has a 6 cylinder engine. I love my sunroof.
En Contra
My air is cold on one side of the vehicle which is the driver's side and barely cool on the passenger's side. For me low gas mileage After a while of usage, cd's get stuck

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