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2015 Ford Escape Hybrid - Gitty-up-and-go!

Escape Hybrid Owner
Fayetteville, Arkansas
En General
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This car will get you where you need to go without breaking the bank on gas or compromising on style and comfort. I literally use my heated seats year round, and the beige leather looks classy and is a breeze to clean. My particular Escape came completely souped up which made me feel ultra high-class. It has a gigantic full ceiling sun roof and back up cam that have learned I cannot live without. This car actually helped me learn to parallel park properly. It also came with running lights on the interior that blew my mind. I can filter through many colors and stylize the inside of the car to fit my mood and impress my friends. I love how this car never fails to get me where I need to go. It has dependable real time AWD that ensures I don't slip on ice. It has made 3 inches of snow feel... (more)
I am a plant and animal lover first and foremost. I had gone with my dog to one of my favorite local nurseries during peak gardening season, and totally forgot the fact that I had a my little SUV and dog waiting in the car. About an hour later I walk out and had to rearrange my car to fit my dog and I safely, plus about forty plants. I laid all my seats back and rolled the windows down. My dog... (more)
A Favor
The back up cam is absolutely epic and I don't know how I lived without it. It came with customizable running lights that offer like 10 different colors/shades of colors that run while I am in transit. It has turbo and I can zip ahead of people with ease. It handles like a race car, smooth and quick, which makes it fun to drive. I look like a covert soccer mom, so when my turbo and lead foot get the best of me. I still go under the police officers radar.
En Contra
There are a lot of other Escapes on the road which makes it less of a head-turner.

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