2002 Kia Sedona Calificaciones y Reseñas de los Dueños

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2002 Kia Sedona - Was surprisingly fun to drive, and performed better than expected.

Kenny R.
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
The vehicle was not overly stylish, but still looked presentable enough. The car was also comfortable enough to take long drives up and down the eastern seaboard, from North Carolina to Maine! The trunk was relatively large by my estimation, which enabled me to put even more groceries into it.
Well, this vehicle made me thank my lucky stars the night that I crashed it into a stream. I was driving to a girlfriend's house in another state at night, and fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke when the car started bumping and when I looked up, I was flying off a cliff, Duke's of Hazzard-style, into a shallow stream. The car landed on its nose, then fell on to its back so that I, in my seat be... (more)
A Favor
Very low maintenance vehicle. Easy to reach all the important, under-the-hood parts to check oil and various other fill amounts. Provided a very smooth ride. So smooth, in fact, I needed to crank the volume up on my music during night driving.
En Contra
It was a bright red color, which I hate. And apparently, the police hate the color red as well. The standard sound system was not the most capable of systems. The back seats did not have near so much room for passengers, but since I never personally rode in the back, it did not personally affect me in any way.