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Pontiac Grand Prix Calificaciones y Reseñas de los Dueños

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2008 Pontiac Grand Prix - It's a reliable car with an attractive frame and body.

Lakewood, Washington
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
I love our 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix. It's a car we've owned for about three years, purchased just after we were married. Since purchasing the vehicle used, we've had very little complaints about the vehicle. The car itself came with an amazing stock speaker system. Being a couple that loves music with low bass, we were quite impressed with the range of the speakers. The car itself is much larger and roomier in the cabin than the outside of the vehicle gives reason to believe. The ride of the car is smooth, and though it is a small vehicle, it handles well in most weather circumstances. It's durability is impressive as well. My husband and I have driven across the country, from Washington State to Ohio and North Carolina twice in our little Pontiac with no engine issues. A regul... (more)
A Favor
The pros of this vehicle are numerous. The stock speaker system was surprisingly impressive. We've changed the face of our cd player to make it compatible with our iPhones, but kept the speakers because of their incredible bass. Another great feature about this car is its gas mileage. With regular maintenance, I'm able to make this car take my 30 minute commute to work for nearly three weeks on one tank of gas. The computer system inside the car is incredibly helpful as well. Our model has a compass inside the dashboard, which makes navigating on road trips and unfamiliar areas a br... (more)
En Contra
They few negative things I have to say about the car pale in comparison to the praise I give it. The windshield wipers are garbage. They're stock plastic, and they wore out in about a month's time. We've had them replaced often, but no matter how often we do this, they seem to shred themselves in a short time. I don't care for how low the car is to the ground. Though the body of the car is wide and spacious, I feel intimidated when driving on the highway between large trucking rigs or massive pick up trucks. The last small complaint I have about the Grand Prix is the trunk space. Th... (more)

Lakewood, WA Ratings y Reseñas de Comerciantes

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