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Honda Element Owner Ratings & Reviews

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2003 Honda Element - Sporty and Rugged

Blairs, Virginia
Fuel Economy
I have really enjoyed my Honda Element EX 4x4. This car is a tank! The addition of the four wheel drive is what really makes this model stand out among the others. I have driven it off road and through all types of weather with no handling problems what so ever. The added feature of being able to flip up or take out both back seats to extended the cargo area has been a life saver! I am a computer tech and have used this car to move hundreds of computers over the years. The car does feel a bit "heavy" when accelerating, probably due to the 4 cyl engine. Even though it does not have very much "pick up" it still gets decent gas mileage at an average around 23 mpg. The fact that this is an SUV means that the ride can feel a bit "bumpy" on rough roads. Passengers in the rear seem to notice... (more)
My wife and I had just purchased our first house. It was a tiny house in the middle of nowhere and was miles from the nearest store. one night we got several feet of snow and had lost all power. We waited until morning and the power still had not been restored and the temperature was dropping fast. I fired up the Element and drove through the snow to the next town. I bought a generator and sev... (more)
1.I love the 4x4 and use it more than I thought I would 2. The ability to flip up or remove the rear seats to extend the cargo area really makes this car useful for moving things! 3. The ability to recline all passenger seats makes for a much more comfortable ride for passengers. 4. I like that the floor mats can be removed. This makes cleaning the interior a breeze. 5. The gas mileage is decent. 6. For a small SUV this car has plenty of leg room.
1. Not very much "pick up" when accelerating 2. Limited cargo space when the rear seats are in use. 3. The front door must be opened in order to open the rear side door. 4. The "suicide" style rear doors can make it difficult to enter and exit if the car is parked close to something else. 5. The wind blowing on over the "boxy" shape of the car can be a bit noisy on the highway. 6. The car can take awhile to cool and heat due to the air vents being placed only in the front.

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