SX4 Crossover
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2012 Suzuki SX4 Crossover Calificaciones y Reseñas de los Dueños

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2012 Suzuki SX4 Crossover - Great little car

Blountville, Tennessee
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
This car has served me well. I have averaged 32 miles per gallon driving a lot to and from work. This hatchback handles well in snow and corners tightly on dry winding roads. The tall roofline allows upright seating which is nice for my six foot one inch frame. You can get a lot in the big trunk and the folding rear seats are a bonus. Am pleased with the vehicle which has held up very good. Cruise control is standard on all models, from September 2012. I bought one of these last year - it's a bit of mixed bag. The engine is quite powerful, but you need to be in the right gear and have at least 3000 revs on board. Tire noise? Much less than a Lancer. Handling? Quite good, but it has definite limits. Economy - quite good.
I worked with someone whose sister in law was pregnant and suffering from morning sickness. She was unable to roll down the window of the brand new car in time and ended up puking down the ac/ heater vent.
A Favor
Looks cute, really zips around town for a little 4 cyl., has decent leg room, and is very good on gas for an AWD. I've never put it in that gear and I live in Pittsburgh (VERY hilly if you don't know) the most I did was downshift into 2nd or 1st. Stereo was very decent, too.
En Contra
The car is kind of weak and not much power or acceleration. Could use an armrest. The main reasons for not recommending this vehicle are due to the sub-standard build quality and lack of available service centers (my closest service center is over 100 miles away).