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2008 Toyota Yaris - Great mileage!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
My Yaris is a 2-door. My model is pretty basic. For example, it has no electric windows. I use it primarily to get to and from work. However, when we take a long road trip with only two people, we always take this car. This car has amazing mileage for a traditional gasoline car! On the road, I consistently get 39-40 mpg. I also like the handling. It's also great for getting into small spaces, including those "compact cars only" spaces in parking garages. Hate to parallel park? It's much easier with a Yaris. It simply fits in more spots! I would definitely consider buying a Yaris again, but would want a 4-door model next time.
We've taken this little car on several road trips. From our home in Oklahoma, we've taken it across the southwest to San Diego, to the Colorado mountains, to Las Vegas, and to New Orleans. It has performed beautifully on each trip. (These were 2-person trips. In our 2-door Yaris, long trips with more people would not be very comfortable.)
A Favor
The fuel economy is absolutely the BEST thing about this car. It also handles quite well. My husband and I joke around that it's "zippy" to drive.
En Contra
Mine is a 2-door, I would not do that again. Occasionally we need to put three people in it, and I hate the in-and-out hassle with 2-doors. Even when simply loading things into the back seat, it's a hassle. The biggest "con" for this car is related to safety. Of course it has air bags. But it is so small that it is less safe in a crash than many cars. For example, my husband asked if I wanted to give my car to our 18-year-old and then get a new car for myself. I said absolutely not. I don't want a relatively inexperienced driver driving this around. But for myself, I'm quite happy... (more)

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