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Brooklyn, Ohio
I love my dodge stratus coupe!
I really like my current vehicle, a Dodge Status SXT coupe. I originally bought the car in June of 2013, used with 109k plus miles on it for a price of $3,200. It blue booked for about $200 less but the person I purchased the car from had just put new tires on. I had been shopping around for just the right used car for me for a few weeks now and found this particular vehicle on craigslist. I did some research before going out to test drive the car and all seemed well. As soon as I drove the two door stratus I knew that I needed this vehicle, it was definitely the car for me. It handled so well, had great pick up for going from a 6 cylinder car to a 4 cylinder, and the steering was great considering it was a rebuilt salvage title. The car was so comfortable not to mention how cool it looked, like my very own little race car! The man who came with me on the test drive played around with the heat and air conditioning to show that everything was in good working order. The car also had a great sounding factory radio and a moon roof too!
Richmond West, Florida
Stylish, reliable coupe that's taken me everywhere
Two years ago, I got a 2011 Honda Civic as a replacement when my old car (2007 Pontiac Grand Prix) was declared a total loss. The two biggest problems with that old car were how long the car was, making parking an issue, and that it was a 3.8L V6 which burned gas like crazy. I chose the Civic to try to solve those things, among a few other reasons. It's a beautiful red coupe with a sunroof and 1.8L four-cylinder engine, but it feels just as fast as my previous car, which had an engine twice the size. Gas efficiency is great. Usually put gas once a week and sometime less. It's a coupe, but there is space for five people. The smaller body makes it much easier to park and drive in general. The sunroof is also really nice and was a requirement I had for my next vehicle purchase. I'm glad I waited for a car with a sunroof because I use it all the time. But I use it at night. It's very hot in Florida, and the sun is horrible for you, so I prefer to use the sunroof at night. It adds a nice soft light in the car when you drive under street lamps. This car came with an auxiliary input for music, which I had to aftermarket install on my previous car, so this is an improvement and was also one of my prerequisites when choosing a car. Mechanically, the car is fine and has handled road trips and my delays in necessary oil changes just fine. The only mechanical issues I've ever had with it are that it's been flooded with water twice. That happened because of really bad storms that flooded the streets I live in. Unfortunately, because the car is so low, there was no safe way to get through the flooding and the car stalled in two different places on separate occasions. Multiple cars also stalled out on those days. I don't blame the car, but if it had been a slightly taller car, it probably could've driven through it. Either way, my mechanic fixed it the same day both times and it hasn't had an issue since.
LaSalle, Illinois
This is a fun, full-size coupe.
I bought my Honda back in 2007 because of its reputation, resale value, and overall look and performance of the car. Little did I know, I'd own this car going on ten years! I'll drive this car into the ground and definitely make my next purchase another Accord Coupe. I currently have over 140k miles, and the car still runs very well. It's also a blast to drive. I don't feel like I'm driving a full-sized coupe until I go out with friends and realize just how much room the car offers. The gas mileage has slipped a little but 24-26 mpg for a 2001 V6 is still good in my book. I'd recommend anyone looking for a sporty car to drive to take an Accord for a test drive.