2009 Nissan Armada Calificaciones y Reseñas de los Dueños

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2009 Nissan Armada - Love it!!!

Waverly, Michigan
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
This vehicle handles wonderfully. I especially love the auto traction feature, really helps on slightly slippery road conditions that do not warrant the use of 4 wheel drive. Turning and parking a larger SUV can be difficult, but not this vehicle, easily turns into tight parking places. I like that it does not drive like a larger vehicle, but it has all the room I need for hauling around everything and everyone that I do. The only thing I would rework is the radio/climate control dials. Seems like they should be reversed. I am always turning the climate control dial when I want to turn the radio volume, as it seems like the controls for the radio should be the ones closest to the radio, not the climate control. Also the hazard lights are way over almost on the passenger side, which I t... (more)
Took a trip 500 miles away from home, 4 people, one large dog, had plenty of room, had a great time, didn't have to worry about the vehicle. Reliable, fun ride.
A Favor
The room. Ease of accessing the back seat. The way the tailgate lifts up. Drivability. Tight, sedan style steering. Comfortable ride. Turns like a much smaller vehicle. 4 wheel drive for snowy, slippery roads. Great sound system with multiple cd changer. Did I mention the room? It is great for the dogs and the kids and all their gear and stuff.
En Contra
Positioning of the radio and climate control dials. Placement could be more intuitive. Also, the hazard light control is pretty much on the passenger side. Liked to have never found that.