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2007 Toyota Matrix - Great car!

Silver Cliff, Colorado
En General
Eficiencia de Combustible
As with my previous Toyota, this car is extremely reliable. It gets amazing fuel economy (40 MPG), and it has been cross county many times. It has good pick-up and cruises at highway speeds easily. I maintain it properly, and the only thing that has broken was the water pump. Understandable though, water pumps give out. Her seating is very comfy and love how the back seats fold down for a roomy cargo area. I worked on the other side of the country for five summers, and there was plenty of room for all my stuff! Found that if I used the boxes that gallon milk comes in (from the grocery), I could stack them in there for a ton of storage! I call her my Mattie Mae because she is part of the family!
I lived in Pinedale, Wyoming, for a while. The town was kind of a trucks only place! But Mattie has heart. She never was afraid when she was totally surrounded by big rancher trucks at the local eatery. She held her own, even though she is little.
A Favor
The best thing is reliability, quiet, comfortable, with great gas mileage. It is small enough to zip around town and parking lots but holds her own on the interstates. I can't imagine being without her.
En Contra
My only complaint is that she has a low belly and is subject to drag if you aren't careful going in and out of bumpy parking lots. Or if there is deep snow she can get hung up on her underside. I wish she had a tiny bit more ground clearance. I put the biggest tires that I could on her, to help raise her up a bit.

Denver, CO Ratings y Reseñas de Comerciantes

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