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Valley View, Texas
Great truck for work and family, hauls a lot and is really comfortable to drive.
The truck has very good build quality, no rattles or bangs. It has lots of power - 395hp, but has good gas mileage. The 8 speed auto transmission is very smooth with no jumps changing up or changing down. Breaks are solid and the ABS works really well when you have to stop in an emergency. The A/C blows really cold, and the heater, heats up the cab quickly in the winter. I found the 110 volt outlet in the truck really useful for powering my laptop computer. On a road trip you can easily get over 21 mpg, and around town if you drive carefully you can get 17 - 19 mpg. The crew cab is very spacious, and the seats are comfortable. The only thing I disliked was the cost of replacing the gas gauge sensor. The truck has GPS but is expensive to upgrade with Uconnect, when you can use your phone with GPS. Also the Sirius radio is expense to renew if you don't wait for the special offers, which they will send you after a few months of no service. Probably the biggest issue I had with the truck was the number of recalls. Most of them were just software updates but 2 were issues with seat belt and tailgate lock. The dealership was very responsive to getting the truck fixed and back to me. Overall the vehicle is very reliable and feels really solid, and I expect to drive the truck for many more years.
Dimmitt, Texas
Great vehicle, iffy electronics.
I love to drive my Ram 1500 it has a very powerful engine that really carries itself well. It has been up to any and all towing and hauling tasks I have put to it. It has a very smooth suspension system that lets it glide down the highway like a much smaller and sportier sedan. It has tons of leg room in the back seat, which is a must for my family because we are always needing more storage space in our vehicles. It gets decent fuel mileage for a vehicle of its size and weight, I suspect because the large V8 has enough power to easily pull it around without sweating too much. I do have a couple of complaints about the vehicle though, and maybe it is more of a concern to be taken up with the manufacturer than just this single pickup. There is too much road noise. I have driven several different Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep products and they all seem to be little noisy. It isn't so noticeable when the radio is turned on, but with the a/c on low and the radio off it can become a little bothersome. And since we are taking about the radio I'd like to bring up the bugginess of the electronic system. For whatever reason the infotainment system missed a cellular data update and the whole system went crazy. I could not connect my phone via Bluetooth for either calls or to play music. The assist button wasn't responsive and the 911 emergency phone button was unusable. I had to manually go to their website and download an update to a flash drive, and go install the update with instructions from YouTube. Very frustrating. On a more positive note, I had owned the pickup for a while and discovered some new storage options I did not previously know I even had. There are hidden compartments under the floor mats in the back seat. And there are even fold out floor levelers that come out from under the seats when you fold them up. They allow you to make the whole back seat a level place to store whatever luggage/ cargo you may be carrying. Very nice.