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Kathleen, Florida
Compact King
Overall I have really enjoyed the vehicle. It was bought used at just over 100,000 miles and is now around 130,000 and is still going great. Just had to do routine maintenance at this point. The gas mileage is pretty good, I only have to get gas every week at minimum. It's usually about 275-350 miles per tank depending on how much city or highway has been driven. The car sits very low so you have to be careful when driving through dips in the road because the front end will scratch very easily, we lost a piece of our front end because of that. The space inside is okay for the size of the car. The backseat folds down for extra storage space in our 4-door hatchback model. I have a car seat in the back seat that, to be installed properly, the front seat is pushed so far forward that my knees touch the glove box door of the passenger seat. With the seat in it's hard to fit two other people in the back seat. They would have to be very thin. If you don't have children in car seats, the space is fine for everyone in front and back and 5 can fairly comfortably fit. The upholstery cleans pretty easily in our model that has black cloth and has held up very well, showing little to no wear and tear. The hatchback storage space leaves some to be desired if you have a lot to bring with you and you have any intentions of being able to see out the back. But without anything blocking the back, the overall visibility is wonderful.
Martinsville, Indiana
It's a decent car for a decent price.
I have driven my 2003 silver Suzuki Aerio for almost 10 years now. I have put over 120,000 miles on it and I have to say that for the price, I am very impressed with how well it runs. I love that it is a simple and small 4 cylinder car that is very easy on gas mileage, but it feels so much bigger on the inside. This is important to me because for a lot of other smaller vehicles the aerodynamic designs make for so many blind spots and it feels like you are jamming yourself into a tin can. That is not the case for me and my Suzuki. My car has been wrecked and fixed 3 times and it still runs like a dream. The body of the car is made of a very light plastic and that is one thing that I was not very fond of. There is a strange panel on the back bumper that fell off of mine leaving my poor car to look toothless and I have seen that in several other Aerios just driving around, so that must have been a faulty design. And over time, I have noticed that the metal is just cheap and starting to rust a bit. The interior feels like a much bigger car than it is and the windshield is nice and tall and wide, so I feel like I can see so much better. The seats in the back fold down and you have access to the trunk, and I have found that to be a very useful feature for when I have had to move from state to state. The digital dashboard is a nice touch having the large numbers make your speed very easy to read. I also liked having the gear shifter in between the seats instead of on the steering wheel. I find that to be more comfortable to drive. There were some electrical issues that, over time, I noticed the buttons would just stop working, so that is one thing to look out for. The engine is settled in a way that is not too difficult to work on. But the parts are not normally in stock. This car is not a really common one like a Toyota sienna, so it can take a little bit more time to get the parts that you need. Overall, I would say that I have been very impressed with the Suzuki Aerio. If you are looking for a consistent and stable 4 cylinder that is easy on the gas, I would recommend this vehicle.
Benton Harbor, Michigan
Avoid this car!
I brought the Suzuki Aero as a naive teenager who was attracted to its exterior. In fact, I purchased it without researching about this car. It became a purchase that I later regretted. While small, sleek, and good looking, this car does not perform well. On Michigan roads during the winter, this car is useless. It would often slip on the roads (even with all wheel drive). Additionally, driving it on the highway was just unsafe because the car would just shake throughout the journey. This car was also too small for more than four people to travel in. I effectively could only drive it in the 20 mile radius of my city. Additionally, the exterior seems to be made of cheap materials such as plastic. Rocks from the road have shattered the exterior of the car and the bumper of the car just fell into the road as I was driving one day. This vehicle is unsafe. I would not even recommend it as even a starter vehicle. The only positive aspect is that it utilized much less gas than my previous vehicle. I still think it was not worth the trouble of owning. I regularly has to pay to get this vehicle fixed. The maintenance costs exceeded the costs of owning it. I regularly found myself stuck on roads after the car unexpectedly stalled. This vehicle was just a hassle.