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2012 BMW Z4 - I love this car!

San Diego, California
Fuel Economy
This car is beautiful to look at. The lines are clean and pleasing to the eye, and people turn to stare as I drive by. Strangers stop to tell me what a great car I have. It also rides like a dream. In the comfort mode the ride is smooth and comfortable. The seats can be adjusted about 100 different ways, which is really helpful for my bad back. The onboard computer is easy to use and can be used to control the audio system, navigation system and Bluetooth telephone. There are 12 speakers in this 2 seater car, with optional surround sound and the sound is excellent. The interior is very high quality with beautiful leather accents. Everything is high quality and durable.
Overall, I just love being able to drive around with the top down and the music up on a cool night, especially driving down by the beach or up in the mountains.
This car looks great, feels great, and drives great. I love the look of it, and how smooth the ride is. It also has a very fast pick-up and is sporty and responsive to drive. The sound system is awesome and I love that I can use my iPod in the car. The car gets decent gas mileage. I like that I can use my phone hands-free and the controls are on the steering wheel, and also there is the option to use voice commands, so I can keep my eye on the road. I also love the hard-top convertible.
There's almost nothing I don't like. The car is a little jumpy when first hitting the gas, and the brakes can be slightly grabby at times, which can cause a bit of jerkiness to stops and starts. The navigation system isn't the easiest to use, but it's not any worse than other systems I've used.