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Louisville, Colorado
A++ would recommend, if you have tight budget.
Overall this is the best car I have personally owned, I have owned nothing but Jeeps my whole life and this is the first "luxury" model vehicle I have had the means to afford. The things I like in this car is it is not that new. It is in the price range for my class level. It is the only car I have owned and not modified. There really isn't much need to modify this because it's fast stock. I love the sound system in this thing, there is no distortion at all when it is bumping bass or pumping metal through the cabin. It has plenty of cabin room, I have another BMWs door sitting in there for delivery and can still fit more stuff in there. I have used this for moving and It packs just as much as my ford ranger. Another thing I like is the fact that a tank lasts forever, I do not have the computer version to give a mpg number but Its pretty high. The SUV just looks stunning, It's a low maintenance silver color, I barely have to wash it. These cars are also incredibly easy to work on. I have worked on 3 BMWs, all within this model with varying years and engine types, I swapped doors, hoods, headlights, bumpers, and fenders off these. They are all straight forward and well documented online. A++ would recommend if you have tight budget.
Decatur, Georgia
My beloved, long awaited x3.
I love my X3. I had been wanting this car for a long while before I actually purchased it. I know that BMW represents quality and craftsmanship, so that my money would be well spent. My car has all the bells and whistles. I have white Italian leather seats which are incredibly comfortable! There's wood grain trim on the dashboard and the doors. It also has something that has come in handy to me often. That is the navigation. Its great and surprisingly easy to use. It has a panoramic sunroof which is a really nice feature whether is nice and sunny or rainy. It lets just the right amount of light in. I like the fact that the things I use the most are on the console to the right of the driver side. It's so much easier than trying to fool around on the dash when driving. The one thing I really like is the fact that for an SUV it is not too far off the ground. It is just right which is merciful for my bad knees. I had contemplated getting the X5 model but chose the X3 specifically for that reason. When I tried to get into the X5 for a test drive, I knew it was going to be a problem for me. The salesman insisted that they had one with running boards, but I rejected that right away because I don't like how the running boards look on the BMW. It kind of games something way.
Orleans, Vermont
BMW X3. Best in the class.
I have owned my x3 for a while now with 16k miles on it. It still drives like I just drove it off the lot. Cab is still very quiet and interior still feels brand new. I love how you can do presets in the system for what position the seat is in, because I like listening to different music then my wife so when I get in it and put it on my seat it goes to my presets. This car has good fuel mileage and a lot of power coming out of the little 4 cylinder turbo. I would definitely recommend this car to any small family or anyone looking for economy sized SUV.

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