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1997 Dodge Avenger - The 97 Dodge Avenger was a mediocre car.

Atlanta, Georgia
Fuel Economy
The Car's Look: I disliked the car's body style. It was large and boat like in appearance. The lines and detailing on the outside were attempting to be "cool" but only made the car look less cool because the attempt was so poorly executed. The inside of the car was leather, and the detailing on that was nicely done. I felt like the dashboard was a large and looming thing, and often wished for it to be less intimidating while I was driving it. The stereo system installed was not the best to look at - it was very basic and seemed slightly out of place with the rest of the embellishments on the interior.
The car was given to me by a friend. It has survived one previous owner before her. He had the colors of the car picked out special and done by the dealership for him, so it was an unusual combination of green exterior and light tan and black interior. It often got commented on. I did enjoy having an unusual combination like that.
The car was roomy inside, and had more than ample trunk space - especially when the back seats were folded down. I also liked the auto-pilot function - it was very handy for longer drives. It was a thick frame, and survived a few accidents with no real damage to its performance. It was not an overly noisy vehicle, which was also nice.
There was a massive blind spot on both sides of the vehicle where the window (the car was only a two door) met the frame. The mirrors on the vehicle only barely managed to cover that blind spot. The repairs were costly. The transmission failed early on, and then again less than 50k miles after it was initially rebuilt. The tires were a weird size, and they were expensive. Doing repairs myself was difficult because of how the engine was laid out - I hated that. The factory paint job was poorly done, and the sealant started pealing sometime early in the life of the car. Emissions checks were... (more)

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