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Shady Hills, Florida
The car is very solid, gets good gas mileage and is very smooth running.
The car is very solid, runs great and we had no issues with it. We paid cash for it and it was a very good price. We have had this car for 4 years. The only major thing that we done was putting is a new radiator. The car has warming seat and a great view of all the instruments on the dash. We had a sunroof that works great and here in Florida in spring time we open it up and ride around. I have done most of the work by myself. Changing oil, plug, waxing, fuses, battery, ac. Back to the e radiator. I had front tire put on at a tire dealer. They left a wrench under the hood. When I drove home, the wrench dropped on to the road and back up into the radiator. By the time I was home she was over heating. Her name is Mini Pearl.
Culver City, California
Infiniti G35 - Perfect mix of sport and luxury.
For a sports car enthusiast like myself, who is getting a bit older, the G35 coupe is the perfect mix of youth, sports, relaxation, and luxury...just like me. The fit and finish of the car is perfect, the moonroof never leaks, and there are no rattles or hums. The car looks absolutely gorgeous in a very timeless sort of way. As a fan of Movado watches and their timeless classic elegance, I assume other fans of Movado would also love the classic lines and look of a G35. The car is graceful and agile on the road, while its 112-inch wheelbase makes it feel like a luxury car on bumps and lumps, and also allows for two full-size back seats that are quite comfortable. The only downside to the back seats is people 5'8" or taller may have their head touch the ceiling in the back seat, and some people dislike that. The trunk is a bit small at eight cubic feet, but the back seat folds down, which allows for a ton of extra storage when you only need two seats. The car is swift and nimble and is a blast through a curvy canyon. The 280 HP and 270 pound feet of torque out of a 3.5l V-6 are delivered by of one of the most ubiquitous and reliable V-6's in the world. Driving a car with this engine makes you realize you have the perfect amount of power. The classic 300-mile ride to Vegas from LA is a joy in this car. The seats are so comfortable and the Bose stereo so nice, the four to five hours go by in a flash. The excellent cooling system allows you to keep the A/C on, even when the road signs tell you should turn it off. I have never seen the temp gauge go past 1/2 way. The 20-gallon tank and 26 MPG highway have you arriving in Vegas with 1/4 tank to spare...always a welcome sight. You can arrive anywhere in this car and not be out of place. You can arrive in Compton, and no one will think you are showing off...too much, and you can drive through Beverly Hills and never look a bit out of place. The fact that you should never have to do any more than basic maintenance on this Nissan relative makes all the fun and luxury all that more appealing. If the thought of a meld of sports and luxury, done the right way sounds good to you, first look up some pictures of a G35. If you like what you see, test drive a 2005 (the older models had a few more bugs) or newer G35, and I promise, when you look at the price you are paying, for what you are getting, this car will end up on your short list, no matter how any cars you test drive.