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Columbus, Georgia
Saturn Ion - older car, but only on paper.
If you've never owned an Ion and when you think of one, the first thing that comes to mind is a "relic of the past". But for those of us who own or have owned one, that's hardly the case. My Ion was made in 2003 but I can hardly tell. The outer body style is very modern and was well ahead of its time. The interior itself - although doesn't have Bluetooth or a flashy touch screen dash - is still up to date with a CD and tape player which is suitable for any modern driver who doesn't need that fancy stuff (and the sound system is one of the best - it sounds like I'm at a concert each time I turn the radio on). There's even a temperature display on the rearview mirror. And it uses a remote key fob to lock, unlock and pop the trunk. Although the seats aren't made of fancy leather, they are just as comfortable (if not more) as a brand new luxury vehicle. I've actually slept in my car on numerous occasions and I can tell you it's as comfortable as my bed. The A.C. and heat works like a champ and takes seconds to either warm up or cool down the car. Of all the cars I've owned, the Ion is superior in the heating and air department. The windows are electric and the defrost is unrivaled. I never have to wait long for my car to heat up or windows to defog. The car itself drives as if it's floating on air and that's rare to say about older model cars. The handling is perfect and the car itself drives like it's fresh from the factory. In an age where gas is hard to come by, this vehicle gets great gas mileage. Roughly 22 miles a gallon, I can put five dollars in the tank and cruise around town for three days. I've had this car for nearly two years and I have yet to have any trouble whatsoever out of it. Other than oil changes and routine maintenance, it has never been put in the shop for anything. Additionally, I'm still driving around on the original motor - and this is a 2003 model! If there's any downside to this vehicle, it doesn't have a sunroof (and I love sunroofs but it's not a major issue) and the space is rather small. Despite having four doors, the back seat is tight for adults but perfect for children. But the trunk space on the other hand, isn't limited! I keep a lot of my work gear (tripods, lights and miscellaneous equipment) stored there and I still have half the trunk space open! So if you're in need of a comfortable and reliable vehicle that may not be fancy on the eyes but is very fancy on the bank account, then this is the vehicle for you.
Hermiston, Oregon
It does the job.
This car does what it's made for - it gets you from point A to point B. We put tons of miles on the car per year because of my husband's job, so we didn't want a way expensive car we would just have to replace soon, but we also wanted a reliable one. The car looks flashy, but is very basic. The gas mileage is pretty good (around 30 mpg freeway, a little less in town) but not as great as we had been told originally. When we first bought it, we had problems with the pass lock - but so did everybody else who bought a Saturn. We ended up replacing the ignition switch (which the company is now recalling and funding the bill to fix) and switching out the shift assembly and that took care of the problem. It's not the most comfortable and luxurious car in the world, but roomy enough I guess. It's pretty noisy, especially on the freeway. Our particular model is pretty jerky between gears - even though it's an automatic. It took some getting used to when we first got it. Like I said, it does what it's made for, but doesn't exactly pamper you while it does it :) Pretty reliable car so far, as long as you keep up on the maintenance.