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2007 Honda S2000 Owner Ratings & Reviews

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2007 Honda S2000 - True Love

Newton, Massachusetts
Fuel Economy
The Honda S2000 is a driver's car. Everything about the driving experience is incredible. It handles well, turning radius is perfect, acceleration is always fun and hiking up those RPMs just enhances the whole experience. Being a Honda, maintenance and repairs are always affordable. People need to stop judging the car by its' make, because it's an absolute blast to drive. You can listen to everything the engine is doing and feel the car rumble when it starts. It's all about the driver. However, that means some comfort sacrifices were made in the name of performance. The trunk is tiny, sound system is just okay, and the passenger probably won't be very comfortable as you sail around curves and accelerate zero to sixty in 6 seconds. But seriously, relax and enjoy the drive.
Too many. But here are two calm ones. The first time was when I was speeding down the highway feeling like a champion darting around BMWs and mercedes and audis, judging them all for their expensive, underperforming, luxury, non-driver-worthy choices. And then I realized, they all look at me and say "hah, look at her thinking she's the best in her honda." Whatever guys, enjoy your slow clunky... (more)
The car looks great, feels great, and sounds great. Acceleration is always exciting, and the fact that you can get it up to 7,000 RPMs without redlining the engine is amazing. The turning radius is incredibly small, which makes it a really fun car to whip through windy, hilly mountain roads. The driver's seat is comfortable enough. Clutch is smooth, and the handling is incredible. The little growl the engine makes when you turn it says everything about it. It's ready for action, for performance. Don't let it sit in a garage all year, take it out for a joy ride. It's a Honda, you can buy tw... (more)
It's not a car built for passengers, unless the passenger loves the driving experience (and even then, that's a stretch). The passenger seat is a little uncomfortable, and there's not much space. Sightlines are bad until you have the top down. No one can figure out how to open the gas tank on the first try until someone tells them (hint, it's between the driver's seat and the door). The trunk fits maybe a small backpack, and that space will shrink even more when you upgrade the mediocre sound system by adding a subwoofer, because where else would it fit. But honestly, you shouldn't be list... (more)