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2008 Honda S2000 - Poor man's Porsche.

S2000 Owner
Temecula, California
Fuel Economy
The Honda S2000 is an iconic vehicle, from the way it looks to the way it feels on every turn it is truly a master piece. When you first get into an S2000 everything feels so good, so tight, so perfect. From the steering wheel in your hands to the shifter you know you are in for an experience the moment you sit down on the drivers seat. The S2000 is a 2 door, 2 seat roadster that can comes with a convertible top but also has the option to a hard top.
I was driving past another S2000 and the driver gave me a thumbs up and revved his engine, I then proceeded to do the same thing.
There is a lot of things to like about this car and only a few things that may need work. For starters I love the shifter, it is one of the shortest shifters ever and a real pleasure to shift with. The car is small and very practical but very fun and intense at the same time. Not the fastest car on the road but in every corner you wouldn't be caught without a smile. The looks of the S2000 are very modern. For an early 2000's car the style has kept up with other big names such as the Porsche 911. The short back end and long front end gives it an aggressive look but very pleasant and easy on... (more)
Only a few cons can be said about such a fascinating car. One would say that the car is not as fast as many other roadsters. Another con would be how uncomfortable long drives can. The seats are not the most comfortable but then again it is a sports car.