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Charleston, West Virginia
Great all-around
The Fit is a great car for a myriad of reasons. As you might expect from a smaller car, it has great gas mileage and easily fits into small spaces, making parking a breeze. But one might not expect the interior to feel so roomy, which is a result of the Fit's novel design and adjustable seating. I've transported large loads and giant TVs in the car with a minimum of fuss, simply lowering the seats in the back to double my "trunk" space. Although the smaller engine doesn't really allow for sustained bursts of power, the car does well when acceleration is needed, such as when merging onto a highway, and handling is perfect. Perhaps because of the vehicle's lower center of gravity, it seems to perform even better on wet or icy roads than larger cars I've previously owned. Perhaps the best news for the long-term car owner is that my Fit has required almost no maintenance beyond routine service, such as tire rotation. There are a few potential drawbacks for the prospective owner. It is a smaller car, so if you're frequently transporting large groups or traveling with a family, this might not be the car for you. If music is important to you, you'll probably want to replace the Fit's factory stereo with an upgraded system, as the preloaded equipment sometimes can't be heard over road noise at high speeds. Otherwise, the Fit is a versatile and dependable vehicle ideal for a variety of needs!
Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico
It is practical and functional.
I bought this car used about six months ago from a Honda Dealer. I paid about 7,000 for it. I was looking for a Honda, Subaru or Toyota because, according to my research, these are the best used cars to buy in my price range. It is seven years old and had about 90,000 miles on it. It runs really well. The body is in good shape with just a few scratches and a couple tiny dings from hail damage (which I got a discount for). I wanted a hatchback with four doors, something I could load things into like a bicycle and a small furniture. The back seats go down quite easily to even allow for me to sleep in it...if for some reason on a camping trip I need to. My sleeping pad fits just right. The gas mileage is great. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I can drive to Albuquerque (170 miles) on half a tank of gas.
Los Angeles, California
A sleek, fun car for everyday use.
First off, visually, the Honda Fit Sport is very cute. That said, it is a more feminine car. The compact design and hatchback are what caught my eye; looks can be deceiving, as it can "fit" a lot more than it seems! The interior is very comfortable and fits four people, plus there's a middle seat in the back. The seats in the back also go forward if need be, to fit something in the hatchback/trunk. The Fit Sport doesn't have many blind spots, and in fact has more visibility than the standard model. On that topic, it also has a leather steering wheel and extra speakers in the front which the standard model does not. The car is great on mileage--you'll find yourself going to the gas station about once a week if driven frequently (i.e. for work if it's a commuter). The Fit Sport is super fun to drive! Very lightweight, it accelerates pretty quickly and is easy to steer and brake. I have always felt safe driving it. On one occasion, the car died when I was at a stop sign. I got it towed and was told it was a dead battery. One new battery later and it happened again. I took it back to the mechanic and was told it was NOT the alternator. It never happened again after that, but was very disconcerting, as I could have died if the car had malfunctioned on the freeway.

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