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2005 Chrysler 300 OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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League City, Texas
Lipstick on a pig.
I loved the overall look of this vehicle. It had a silver body with custom headlights and a custom black soft top making it look like a convertible even though it wasn't. It looked like a much higher end vehicle and was even mistaken for a Rolls Royce Phantom a couple times. The interior was good quality and durable and still looked perfect after several years. It was very roomy and comfortable and I was able to transport many things that I was not able to in my previous vehicle (a Mustang convertible) such as a large projector screen that I needed for my work meetings. The gas mileage was also pretty good for a vehicle that size, averaging about 25 mpg. That's about where the positives end unfortunately. This vehicle has several issues and while some of them were seemingly small, they were perhaps the most annoying to deal with. The hydraulics went out in both the hood and trunk and there was no prop so you had to hold the hood open when needed. The key fobs didn't work right from day 1 and due to the complete incompetence of the dealership I purchased it from, I was left to manually open my car doors in the dead of winter with a baby. The icing on the cake was when my shifter went out in the middle of the summer and I was unable to shift out of park. Luckily, I was able to teach myself how to take part of the car apart from a YouTube video as a temporary fix, however, I eventually ended up paying $400 to repair that little plastic part that kept it from shifting. Upon researching the issue, I found out that it was very common and Chrysler didn't seem to care, leaving myself and many other customers frustrated and angry.
Marlborough, Massachusetts
Best car I've owned
The Chrysler 300C is a great throwback to some of the first cars I drove. A long sloping hood sweeping back to a fairly low slung body with a short back end. It just looks like it is meant to move forward. Equipped with a Hemi engine it does not disappoint in that aspect. More on that in a minute. Open the door and climb inside and meet an elegant interior sporting wood grain and leather. The round gauges are silver in a dark dash making a nice contrast. A dash mounted clock looks spectacular and draws the eye. Navigation and a 6 cd player are mounted very conveniently in the center dash. The stereo absolutely cranks and I have never enjoyed listening to my music more. Start it up and the Hemi engine rumbles to life. I love the way it sounds. Better yet is driving it and hearing it when you step on the pedal more. Sweet! Even though this car has the ability to go very fast it is also a fantastic car to just cruise in. The ride is smooth and the car is very confident on the road. The independent rear suspension allows for surprisingly nimble handling in corners for such a large car. It is the most responsive car I have ever owned and I have owned some of the great muscle cars of the 60's and 70's.