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2001 Pontiac Grand Am - 2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE - Best Value Car Ever

Bellevue, Pennsylvania
En General
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2001 Pontiac Grand Am SE I purchased this used car in 2005 just a couple months after I graduated from high school. My parents had a small savings fund for me throughout the years that they gave me when I was 18 to purchase a car with. The total ended up being around $7,000 in savings. When I went to look for cars, there she was, the 2001 Grand AM SE for $7,100. The car had approximately 58,000 miles on it when I got it used. Today it has almost 160,000 miles and still going fairly strong. I like this vehicle because it's reliable and affordable for a young person who was just starting college. I used this car for commuting to school for 6 years, multiple jobs, and still own the car to this day. The gas mileage is fairly good, the repairs have been reasonable, and the insurance does... (more)
I live in Pittsburgh so during the winter time we often have snow/ice roads. I got extremely good at driving this car in the snow. My friends would get so scared when the car would slide, but I could feel the car and know when to give it gas and when to brake accordingly.
A Favor
1) Reliability - I'm very disappointed that Pontiac went out of business. I would have no choice to get another Pontiac if they were still a company. The value I got out of this vehicle has been incredible. Never any major breakdowns. Every year when I have my car inspections I might have to get the usual repairs. 2) General Costs - When including insurance, gas miles, and repairs, I'm still surprised how much of a bargain this car has been for me. 3) Big Trunk - Surprisingly the trunk is pretty big for a coupe vehicle. I was always able to store a lot of things when needed.
En Contra
1) Car Rust - without a doubt the car rust is the worst part. I've noticed on similar Pontiac Grand AM's that I see rust in the same exact areas of the car. On the bottom near the rear tires, and rust under the gas tank. My car was an out door parked car for 10 years, so I'm sure the rain/snow did some work on creating this rust. I've had to use some Bondo and sheet metal to patch up the rust holes. I don't mind because it's still been a great experience but this is probably the biggest negative thing about the vehicle. 2) Struts/Shocks - It seems that after 100,000 - 120,000 miles the st... (more)