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2015 Chrysler 200 OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Marrero, Louisiana
My vehicle is very nice yet high maintenance. The appearance is great ad it rides very smooth. I have a lied edition in which is has nice technological features. I do like the interior of the car when it comets the color way but do not like the fact that it is material seats and not leather. The car would be much manageable if the light colored interior was leather. The vehicle its good on gas and the monthly payments are very reasonable. A lot of Chrysler 200s can be seen driven on the streets because overall it is a great car. The newer models have a nice expensive look to them which makes it more attractive and worth the price. I would recommend this vehicle to other people. it takes about $25 to fill up the tank (depending on gas prices) and this normally lasts a whole week or so (depending on travel amount).
Phoenix, Arizona
This car is very reliable.
This car is one of the best and newest cars that I've owned. It is very fuel efficient. It only gets 32 miles per gallon on the highway, however it is a flex fuel car. Meaning we can use regular gas or ethanol gas in the car. Ethanol gas is cheaper and seems to help the car save on more gas. The electrical components of the car work great and are up to date. The driver seat is completely electric. It makes it much easier to adjust your seating to the exact spot you want. The tires have sensors in them so that it is easier to check the tire pressure inside the car. There's an option to check and see what percentage of oil is left in the car. The backup camera is phenomenal and comes with guides on the screen so you know if you are backing up straight or not. The quality of the interior material is very good. The seat cushions and back are soft and are easy to clean. They don't easily tear. The trunk space is huge. So large that I was able to fit an IKEA futon in the trunk with the back seats down. The pieces were flat and not yet assembled, but very long. The style of the car is very sleek and looks to be very aerodynamic. It glides through the air at top speeds. The gear shift is a turn knob, which looks very cool and innovative. There is a touch screen to control the music, temperature, and other things. You can also turn the screen off which is pretty cool. It's a very practical and spacious car for a family. I was able to fit 5 people in the car at once. Also I was able to fit 4 people in the car including 2 adults in the front and 2 kids in car seats in the back comfortably. It's even spacious enough to fit 2 dogs back there comfortably.