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83 Subaru Forester results

2015 Subaru Forester OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania
I absolutely love this car. I have two teenagers and a husband who is over 6 feet tall. This car has enough leg room for everyone. I love that the back seats can be reclined slightly. This makes road trips much more comfortable. Also, I work from home so I use this car to pick up and drop off my supplies. This car has enough cargo space that I only have to put the seats down about half of the time. I also love the MPG we get with this car. It's a crossover. My last car was a small sedan. This one gets better mileage. And it's very helpful that we can watch the MPG in real time. I love the fold down armrest in the back seat. It helps arguing teens keep their hands to themselves. Also, the cup holders in the rear armrest are very helpful. The lumbar support is fantastic for the driver. I wish it were available for the front passenger, too. The moon roof is amazing. The kids love it. The heated seats have spoiled us immensely. I live in PA, but I think remote starters are a waste of gas and with the heated seats, I don't have to regret the decision to not get one. I love the safety rating. I feel very safe in the car, especially as my kids are getting up to the age when they will start learning to drive. Specifically, I really like the large windows all around and the rear view mirrors that are mounted a bit lower so as not to obstruct my view. Finally, as I shorter person (I'm 5'3"), I really appreciate the visors with the extenders. I love this car so much that even after two years of ownership, the honeymoon period hasn't ended, and I frequently tell my family how much I love it.
25868, West Virginia
Great Family car for four people or less.
We purchased our 2015 Subaru Forester in the summer of 2014. This has been our third Subaru and we are very happy with it. It has excellent winter driving abilities and I never feel like I can't drive in the snow or ice. I love that the All Wheel Drive is a constant feature. I have many hills and steep gravel to drive on and this vehicle never slips a wheel. It has plenty of room for me, my husband and two small children who are both still in car seats. There is only enough room in the back seat to fit a small adult along with both car seats. I wish that the backseat was just about 4 to 6 inches longer to allow a little bit more room. I love the cargo area. It is plenty roomy and my dogs load and unload easily through the back hatch. I can lay the backseat down and give them more room. I dislike the fabric that covers the back of the backseat and the floor of the cargo area. Dog hair and small pieces of grass stick to it terribly. It is very hard to remove the hair even with a vacuum and a sticky lint roller. I did get the upgraded cargo mat that covers the floor. This helps immensely. I recommend getting that if you have pets that will be riding often. This vehicle has provided many journeys safely and with great joy. I do love my Subaru.
Ionia, Michigan
Love: It's how I feel about my Subaru.
As my first new and "grown up" vehicle purchase, I don't believe I could have chosen a better car than the 2015 Subaru Forester. I had done extensive research on reliable makes and models and this particular car always seemed to be at the top of my wish list. I love the fuel economy and that Subaru has a longstanding reputation for vehicle safety and longevity. There is plenty of space for transporting friends and cargo, and the interior is comfortable for extended trips. I felt confident on the roads this past winter having a vehicle with all-wheel drive; I did not have to cancel travel plans on account of slippery or snow-covered roads.

2015 Subaru Forester ReportCard Review

Autolist ReportCard Score: 100/100


  • Visibility is excellent
  • The cabin is quite roomy
  • Standard safety features are excellent
  • Fuel economy is superb


  • The optional infotainment is dreadful as it feels outdated and has small knobs
  • There is no manual transmission on the turbo model
  • The interior and exterior design is uninspiring
  • There are no shifting paddles

Review Summary:

The Forester is fuel efficient, value-oriented, safe and performs well on the road.

Competitive fuel economy, a spacious cabin and available turbocharged power make the 2015 Subaru Forester a solid pick.

Thanks to a roomy interior, big cargo area, efficient engines and standard all-wheel-drive, the 2015 Subaru Forester is still one of the better choices on the market.

Number of reviews analyized: 6