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24935, West Virginia
Wonderful Family Car
The main thing I like about this car was how much space is inside. I have two toddlers and we have a lot of stuff to carry around with us and it seems to fit everything perfectly. There is plenty of room for my kids' in car seats in the back and even when my long-legged husband rides in it, there is still plenty of leg room for him and the kid behind him. I also like the cupholder the folds down in middle of the back seat. That is very helpful when hauling children. The car doesn't seem to have any problem in the snow. It ran through it great last winter without any sliding. I love how it drives. It holds turns really well and is very smooth on our bumpy back roads. It definitely has power and it feels very sturdy and safe. I have hit one deer with it, completely crushing the front-end, and I still feel very safe in it. I didn't know it had caused as much damage as it did because the jolt from the hit wasn't bad at all. One of my dislikes is the trunk. There is something that sticks down from the top, on the inside, and everything I try to put in it gets stuck on that ridge. I also don't like that you have to use your keys to open the trunk. I think that is a horrible feature.
Harrisonburg, Virginia
2012 Subaru Legacy Positive Experience
The 2012 Subaru Legacy I purchased new has been an overall good car and I have had mostly positive experiences with it. The car is all wheel drive and hold the road very well, especially where I live, which is a mountainous area. The car holds itself well in inclement weather, and I have driven comfortably in it in snow and rain without having a bad experience. The car has pretty good fuel economy; I commute about 40 minutes each way to my current job and I have to fill up the tank about once a week. I have never had to add oil to the car and the car has needed minimal maintenance since I bought it. One inconvenience I did have with the car is that I busted one tire shortly after I bought the car and I had to replace all four tires, which cost me a fair amount of money. Also, when there is a change in temperature, the tire inflation light frequently goes on and goes off randomly. Other that, I have not had any issues with the car.
Mammoth, Wyoming
This car made me fall in love with Subarus.
This was the first car I got out of high school and my second car ever. It was a gray, slightly worse for wear 92' Subaru Legacy hatchback with about 150,000 miles on it. The transmission had just been replaced as well as battery, and I drove it for probably another 100,000 miles before I had any mechanical problems with it. Eventually I had to replace the alternator and about 100,000 miles after that, the transmission gave out, and I couldn't replace it, but I would buy another in a heartbeat. I lived out west and traveled frequently through the U.S., and this car was the best in bad weather. That all-wheel drive was indispensable. It never once got stuck until I purposely decided to test its limits and drove it into 2.5 ft. of snow. I got it out pretty easily even then though! It had plenty of space in the back with the seats down for my camping/skiing gear or even for all of my belongs during my frequent moves. I frequently slept in the back of that car when I didn't want to shell out money for a hotel or paid camping site and it was fairly comfy. The fuel economy wasn't the best, but it certainly wasn't the worst. This car was the most reliable and practical car I've ever had. I'm in the market now for a used car and am preferentially searching for Subarus. It's just to bad they don't make a Legacy hatchback anymore. If I had the money, I'd get a Crosstrek, but I'll probably buy an old Forester.

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    Subaru’s Legacy sedan is all-new for 2020, bringing with it a new platform, an optional turbo engine and impressive safety, value and interior refinement. But is that enough to offset its lukewarm handling? We say yes.