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2012 Toyota Prius c OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Florence-Graham, California
It's just about economy. And it's not a luxury car.
overall build quality is not that good. it have some functions like heated seats, power windows and some very basic options. I have used this car for few years and I only replaced the small battery under the back seats. so in the maintenance wise it's a good car. the most important thing in this car is it is a hybrid car and it works 25km/l over above. so it is really good for the wallet. the pickup is not that bad. my engine is 1500cc and it has a less weight than a normal car. the A/C is also as a very usual and a ordinary one. the interior is very much simple and most of the finishing's were done by cheap plastics. I have driven over 100,000km and I didn't need to do any repair over replacement of any part except the small battery in the back. the sound system is not bad. but some time when the base is bit high almost all the parts of the interior starts to vibrate. that shows the cheap quality of the interior. the leg space in the back seats is not enough at all. only it is enough for small children not for the adults at all.
Randolph, Vermont
Best car ever.
The Prius C is a perfect mix of workhorse and hybrid efficiency. I have found that it has fantastic acceleration when called for but can also quietly cruise for maximum fuel efficiency on the highways without a hitch. I was not sure what to expect when I bought the car outside of savings at the pump, but I've since become convinced that it's easily the best (and most fun) car I've ever owned. The only area that could use improvement is the trunk space, which is oddly split in half with a shelf that you can't really even access. Otherwise, not a single complaint.
Columbus, Ohio
2012 Prius C is an excellent vehicle.
The Prius C has been an excellent car. The excellent mileage is a major bonus that we appreciate, as my husband and I do a lot of driving, and therefore we save money on gas. The car drives smoothly and is comfortable to drive, with good visibility in all directions. I appreciate driving a small car, especially because we live in a city so it is easy to navigate and easy to park in small spaces. Bluetooth is a wonderful feature, as it makes it possible for us to listen to music or podcasts on the road. We also like that the back seats fold back. Again, this car is fairly small, but we are able to gain a lot of space when moving large objects by folding down the back seats. The interior is simple but stylish, and we haven't had problems with stains or other issues with the interior. The best thing about the Prius by far is that it is a Toyota. My family has always owned Toyotas, and my parents had two of the early Prius models when I was a teenager. I then bought my own used 2003 Prius and was so happy with it that when my husband and I needed a new car, we bought the 2012 Prius C. We knew that this car would be reliable and would last for many years, which was especially important to us. There is no doubt in my mind that I would buy this car again, and I expect that the next time that we need to purchase a car, we will look for whatever is the new model of Prius at the time we are shopping.