2003 Cadillac Escalade Owner Ratings & Reviews

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2003 Cadillac Escalade - This is a great SUV to drive as long as you don't mind paying for a lot of gas

Greensboro, North Carolina
Fuel Economy
The Cadillac Escalade is a beautifully made vehicle by General Motors. Prime captain seats for the front row and options for captain seats for the second row make this SUV a personal kind of vehicle. The transmission of the driving of this SUV make it feel that you are driving on melted butter, in that it drives so smooth. The turning is so smooth that you don't even need two hands on the wheel to drive. But for safety's sake, drive with two hands.
Taking all of my kids(3) and three dogs down to the Myrtle Beach in a six-hour drive. The dogs wanted ice cream because they saw the kids had some. So we had to get ice cream cones for the dogs once the kids were done with theirs, of course!
Pros include having an ability to tow a large amount in a beautiful piece of machinery. Driving the SUV, you would think you are driving a car. It does not have a truck or rough-feeling truck type of feel when driving it. The dashboards and doors are a faux style of luxurious wood grain. The seats can mold to any type of bottom, be it small or large, It makes that person very comfortable, be it a small ride or a ride to the other side of the country. There will be no complaints.
With anything there will be cons. The most con with any vehicle this size will be gas mileage. Any eight-cylinder and all-wheel drive will have the owner wanting their own gas station in their backyard, that is for sure. You can get the same exact options in a GM Denali for much less without all the hype of a Cadillac.