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2000 Jeep Wrangler OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Belleville, Michigan
Very awesome and fun to drive.
This is a great vehicle to drive everyday or just to have fun with. The 4 x 4 is excellent to have when you live in states that receive a lot of snow or has issues with mud. All Jeeps hold their value, especially the Wrangler, which makes them a very popular vehicle. I've owned mine for a little over a year, and switching from a Ford Mustang (which I loved my Mustang too) to the Jeep Wrangler was wonderful. I could see over smaller cars. I am able to fit my Wrangler into smaller parking spaces and still have room to spare. With the small wheel base, I am able to maneuver the bumps and pot holes which we have a lot of here in Michigan. My son owns a 2015 Wrangler and has been turning it into a toy. He loves his just like I love mine. The older Jeeps are easy to work on when you have troubles, and parts are not to expensive. The bigger the tires, the noisier they are, but then again, they sound so cool. Also, larger tires gives you less smooth of a ride, but that is the owner's choice. I personally like mine on the larger size!! I will always have a Jeep Wrangler in my driveway from now on.
Nicut, Oklahoma
Jeep Wrangler does it all.
First off, the Wrangler is not a luxury vehicle. If a person buys it expecting a quiet, smooth ride, with good fuel efficiency, they will be disappointed. That being said, I was not expecting any of these things when I purchased the Wrangler. I wanted a tough, reliable vehicle that would take me from point A to point B no matter what the weather or conditions. The 4 liter inline V6 engine provides plenty of power on the low end for driving through rough or steep terrain. The high end does lack some power, but this vehicle isn't really made for driving down an interstate at 70 MPH. In fact, doing that feels a bit dangerous, but if your preference is to stay off of the beaten path, then it's perfect. The body has a very solid feel to it. The steel is rigid and tough, not thin and flexible. The interior has held up well over the years, with no tearing or fading. The solid axle design and rigid shocks give the Wrangler a tough, high quality feel. There have been no issues with the electronics, which the Wrangler is light on in the first place compared to most vehicles. No automatic locks or windows due to the fact that the doors are removable. In fact, most everything about the Wrangler feels almost modular and easily replaceable or upgraded. There is a wealth of after-market parts available as well. The Wrangler is one of the most customizable vehicles on the road, if not THE most. One of the things I love about it is the removable top and doors. It's almost like having two vehicles in one, with one being an open air ride, and the other being a standard closed cabin. It's nice to be able to change things up now and then. All in all, it's a fun, reliable, easily modified vehicle that I hope to still be driving 15 years from now.