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Livermore, California
Surprisingly comfortable
I recently purchased a used GMC Terrain. I've never owned a GMC before, but the car is surprisingly comfortable inside and also makes me feel safe. I have two kids who are with me all the time, so both of those are important! It's a heavy car, so it doesn't pick up speed as quickly as my old car, but otherwise, it drives great. I enjoy the volume control on the steering wheel as well as the hands-free Bluetooth phone feature in the car that automatically connects to my phone. The interior dashboard design could use some updating, and I am not a fan of red dashboard illumination as I feel like it could be deceiving to the driver at night when the car in front might or might not be breaking (their red break lights might not be seen as well). I like that the car isn't much longer than an average vehicle, but it's still much roomer inside. I also love all the cup holders in front and back. I love that the bench seat in back can be moved forward and backward just like the front seats can! This allows for so much more leg room in back. I also like that the seat in back lays flat for extra cargo space in the rear. One of my favorite features is the rearview mirror back-up camera. This has been so helpful, especially with a larger vehicle. And it's also a wide view -- I've been in cars with back-up cameras, and you can only see directly behind the car, which isn't a problem with this vehicle. I also enjoy that I can remote start the car so that it can warm up on cold mornings -- at least the engine anyway. The only thing I've had issue with regarding the vehicle is that 2 days after I purchased it, it started to make a rattling noise under the dash. It would happen randomly, and there was no way for me to make it happen that I could see. After taking it into the dealer to have it looked at, they took the dash apart but never heard any noise. They returned the vehicle to me, and the rattling noise never returned, but now my heater doesn't work!!! My kids and I get into a cold car every morning, and there is no way to warm it up, or defrost the windows quickly. I've had to do my own research on this, and I have found out that it might be an actuator, and that this is a common issue in the Terrain. This is disappointing, and now so much time as passed, I'll have to fix the issue myself. I would think this would have been a recall issue. Other than this issue, I have enjoyed the car and it fits my life well.
Cary, Illinois
Fantastic family car.
The GMC Terrain is a fantastic family car. We've traveled across the USA in it and it has been very dependable. We make sure we perform the regular maintenance to keep her running well and she has never let us down! The GMC is an SUV so one would expect it not to have the best gas mileage but this is not the case with this car. The gas mileage is absolutely unbelievable. A color back up camera was included with the car. I cannot tell you the number of times this little wonder has saved us from backing up over things. The storage area or "trunk" (although it's not a trunk!) area of the car is spacious. We have a gigantic German Shepherd who LOVES to travel with us back there. Like I said, we've driven across the USA with the family (including the dog). There is a luggage rack on the top so if you wanted to use a car carrier for your luggage you can. There is an outlet in the back seat so you can connect. Our car has leather seats which are super easy to maintain and keep clean. A nice little options that we have is the sun/moon roof. Having this option is awesome in the summer! Driving with the windows down could be a wind tunnel in the car, however, when you use the sun roof that removes that issue all together! The car is also very spacious! We have 3 teen agers who like their own space and we had no issues with them in the back seat on one of our long trips. The front seats have the absolute best leg room I've ever encountered in a car. You can stretch your legs completely out, and then some in the passenger seat - it's great!