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Thornton, Colorado
Space without losing MPG!
The first thing that brought my attention to the Honda Pilot was the outside appearance. I was a little apprehensive going from a 5 seater Chevy to a "mom" car and worried I would get stuck with a minivan or something of the sort but this was a pleasant surprise. It's is roomy but doesn't feel huge. I can easily fit my 4 kids in the back with an extra seat between them to minimize the "she's touching me" that will inevitably happen. Overall I have been very happy with my purchase and being able to fit my family of 6 plus our black lab in the back has been a relief.
Chino Valley, Arizona
I bought the car when it was at 100k miles. From KBB and Carfax, I knew the car was in good condition and well taken care of. I was also aware that the 100k tune up was not done. I did have to get that done shortly after buying the car. I also replaced the tires in the first year. I have since put 25K miles on it. The car has held up very well so far but for a Honda, has low miles on it. I also had to replace the battery two weeks ago. I have not had any issues cosmetically. The interior has help up so far with four kids and two dogs who go on frequent rides. I have owned the car for just over two years. I do have a whining sound when the A/C is on, but the A/C works like a champ. The car includes a GPS, but is ten years old so I don't use it. The turning radius on the car is excellent for its size. The area for storage is huge once the seats are down, and it isn't difficult to get the seats lowered, although they don't lower to completely flat. They are somewhat raised still when lowered. The car comes with a rack on top, which is awesome for me since I am an avid surfer and need a rack to strap my board to the top of the car. The car does not get great gas mileage, but that is to be expected with a large SUV/crossover and also a 4x4. I am not a fan of the fact that when the battery dies, it locks the stereo and GPS unit. If I were to lose the card insert that has the codes, it would render those useless. It handles great in bad weather, although I mostly handle rain, because we don't get a lot of snow. I do get worried, however, that the car has a high turnover rate.
Milton, Georgia
I love my Pilot.
My Pilot is definitely one of the best cars I have ever owned. The maintenance has been very low considering how many miles and years we have owned it. We have taken many trips in it, and it does not seem too much worse for the wear, even with kids. The carpets are relatively unstained, and the interior does not look too bad. The engine has been great with regular maintenance, and we have had relatively few major repairs that have needed to be done. I have also managed to pack a huge amount into the trunk. It does get pretty tiny with the third row up, but otherwise, it is a great trunk size. I can fit my scooter and wheelchair in it and still be able to fit a decent amount into it. The mechanic also says that he would expect us to be able to drive it for several more years. We have also had a great experience with the dealerships. Since our car is older, it is much easier to take it there for timely repairs. They have always treated us great even though we did not buy it there, and it makes us even more eager to purchase another Honda in the future. We have had problems with the CD player. They cannot repair it because it is so old, so we have been advised that we would have to buy an aftermarket one. I do worry about doing that though and possibly messing something else up. Also, the headlights are not easy to change.