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6 Mitsubishi Outlander results

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Lubbock, Texas
A great car for the price
The 2003 Outlander has been a great car. Mine is about to be at 140,000 miles and the only "major" issue I had was the radiator cracked on me. $180 and two hours later, I replaced it in my driveway and haven't had any issues. The 4g64 engine is notorious for eating oil. This Outlander has never burned/leaked a single drop of any oils! I always replace the oil with fully synthetic every 3k miles. The car does have a bit of torque shudder, common for the Outlander. This can be mitigated by not using 4th gear under 45mph. I have taken this SUV offroading before and it holds its own for sure. There are a few quirks, such as the defroster having to be pressed between 8 and 13 times before it engages. The shifter is getting a mind of its own, probably due to a faulty sensor. I just have to wiggle it a fraction of an inch to get it to shift (when in "D", it reads it as in triptonic, and vice versa). Over the years this car has held up very well.
Metairie, Louisiana
Great crossover that holds up over time!
I purchased this car when it was ten years old and it has handled so well from that moment on, that you would swear it never ages! In New Orleans, the city where I live and drive, the streets are notoriously uneven and filled with potholes. This reeks havoc on the suspension and steering of most cars, but my Mitsubishi Outlander has handled it without taking on any of these damaging effects. It always provides a smooth ride over uneven streets, unlike some trucks, SUVs, and crossovers that rattle, shake, and bounce passengers all over the place! I am an artist who creates large sculptures. This means that I often need to transport large sculptures and ridiculously large amounts of supplies and tools in my car. I never cease to be amazed at how much I can fit into my car when I fold down the back seats! It's so convenient, almost like owning a pick-up truck, but better because it's closed in, protecting my belongings from weather and other elements. My Outlander also handles the weight of any heavy items I load it down with and still drives safely and just as predictably. Not to mention it never guzzles gas whether the car is empty or full. My friends also love to ride in my car when we go places as the leather seats are super comfortable and never seem to wear out. The powerful air conditioner helps us to stay cool in the deathly hot summers here in New Orleans, too! I have now owned this car for almost five years and it still feels just as new as when I bought it. I feel like my Outlander will last for many more years to come, and I am so grateful for that! I would recommend this car to anyone!