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Springfield, MO Driving Tips and Experiences

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Springfield, MO
Springfield, MO Driving Tips
If you are driving west on I44 toward Springfield, Missouri the easiest way to get around the city is to take the Division Street exit and it will almost surely intersect with the street you are looking for. I would highly advise that you do a map search on Google or Map Quest to get a general idea of the location you are heading for in order to insure that you have a fairly good idea of which part of the city you want to get to since Division Street pretty much divides the city right down the middle so it would probably intersect with your required location, but having a general idea of the street number will help you decide in which direction you want to turn off Division - the street signs are very good and have the beginning street numbers listed so that you can know whether to turn right or left to get where you need to go. One thing you may want to watch is road construction since the last time I was there, there was some road work near Division and Central since this city seems to be growing and requires some additional widening of some streets.
Springfield, MO Buying Tips
There are lots and lots of car dealers located within and outside the city limits so a person would have lots of choices. They consists of used car lots and plenty of new car dealerships as well. While I am not really that familiar with any of them on a personal basis, I would not be able to specifically recommend one. However, there are dealers who have been doing business for a long time located on Glenstone, Independence, Campbell and various other locations. I think it would be a good idea to do an internet search for dealers in that area and check on customer reviews. Also, it would be a good practice to check with the Better Business Bureau if you see a dealer who looks interesting since they can tell you if and how many customers have filed complaints. This would give you a good assessment of their reputation. You may also check to see if the dealer has some type of certified used car validation which will verify that the car has passed a thorough inspection and is mechanically guaranteed for a certain period of time.
Favorite driving memory
My daughter was attending college in Springfield, Missouri and I went there to visit with her over the weekend. Parking was at a premium, but I managed to find a parking place near her dorm. We walked around campus for a while and then walked to my car in order to go Battlefield Mall and so do some shopping since she needed a few things for her dorm room. We parked at the mall and did some shopping. After that, it was close to lunch and my daughter told me of a nice restaurant called Trotters that had really good barbecue and salad bar so we decided to drive there which was no more than a few miles from the mall. We had our meal and then drove around Springfield just so I could get familiar with the area since this was my first time to visit Springfield. I must say that I was impressed with the area since it had lots of attractions, several universities, a nice lake and zoo and was a fairly progressive city, but it had the atmosphere of a small town since he people were very friendly. It just didn't have that "big city" feel regarding traffic since the traffic flowed very well and it was easy to get around.. I dropped my daughter off at her dorm and headed home to Lebanon, Missouri which was our home, feeling very comfortable that my daughter was in a fairly safe environment.
Favorite road
Division Street.. Division Street is aptly named since it runs through the middle of the city from roughly East to West so if you travel it from one end to the other, you are very likely to intersect with just about every other street in the city. It makes finding your way around much easier than a lot of other cities that I have traversed. One of the main intersections is Division and Battlefield Road which has a lot of theaters, restaurants, malls and other businesses so it gets a lot of traffic but had the traffic lights strategically placed and timed so that there are virtually no traffic jams regardless of the time of day. While traffic is busy, it doesn't seem to be hectic to drive in this city. When I first drove in this city, my daughter had just started college there and she guided me to Division Street on which she pointed out the ease of finding whatever intersection one would want. It was also very easy to get to the college campus. Since I am not one of those people with an infallible sense of direction, it was simple to just get on Division and go from there.
Springfield, MO
Springfield, MO Driving Tips
On roads where there are multiple lanes going each direction, know which lane you want to be in and get into it way before you actually need to be in it. When the traffic gets really bad (read: it's always really bad) you never know if you'll be able to get over into the other lane because Springfield drivers are not the most courteous. Plan ahead and don't get yourself into a panicked, rushed situation. Also, don't go under the speed limit. People in this city have the absolute worst road rage and will absolutely be passive aggressive about it if you go too slow. Have you ever seen a car and just felt the passive aggression seeping out of it because the driver is just being way too bitter? Me too. In Springfield, of course. Don't be a victim of passive aggression.
Springfield, MO Buying Tips
I, personally, have never bought a car in Springfield. I've had the same car since high school, which I bought in my home town, and it has treated me pretty well over the years so I haven't had to buy a new car yet. There are several dealerships around town, so I'd recommend asking around and seeing what other people think. Surely they will steer you in the right direction.
Favorite driving memory
I avoid driving in Springfield as much as I can possibly manage. It's great because I don't have to deal with other drivers or paying for gas all the time, but at the same time, it's kind of terrible because I don't really get the chance to figure out my way around town very much. I came here for college and have only lived here for about two years. My "favorite" memory of driving in this city is one of the few times that I did brave the traffic and I got myself extremely lost downtown. I can't remember which road I was driving down, but I knew that Springfield's roads actually made a lot of sense and basically formed a grid that made it really easy to get around, so I followed this road thinking it would bring me back to campus. The road I was looking for didn't actually go through to the road I was driving on and I ended up downtown and it was so confusing. What a great time.
Favorite road
Fremont. Fremont will take you just about anywhere that National or Glenstone will take you, but it doesn't have nearly as much traffic. Whereas National and Glenstone are probably the busiest streets in the entire city, Fremont runs directly between them and doesn't gather nearly as much traffic, possibly because there are no major businesses on the street. It is, however, a nice road with a lot of pretty houses and scenery. Maybe I shouldn't be talking about how great it is because then other people will start taking Fremont and it will no longer be National and Glenstone's unpopular stepsister and it will just turn into a nightmare. Oh well.