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2005 Volvo XC70 - Mechanical Perfection. Obscene beauty.

South Jordan, Utah
Fuel Economy
My Vehicle is a 2005 Volvo XC70. It is a perfect car, and here's why: Safety. Not only is this car obscenely safe, but it doesn't just do it by bulking up the car (Oh, yeah. I'm talking to you Subaru!) I live in an area with heavy snowfall during the winter and this car does better than any other car I know. It's fast, and responsive with a solid turbo coming stock on this bad boy. The leather interior is kid and dog friendly. It's durable and lasting, while still being comfortable (Can you say seat warmer?) Basically this car is perfect for the 30 year old dad who still wants to be 24. You can race it at stop lights, and you can make sure little Timmy gets dropped off at school in safety, and style.
The first time I took it into the snow. I kept trying to drift it around corners, get it to spin: but it wouldn't. It kept a strong grip to the road, or the snow, and had exceptional response. However, I took it into the ice in a parking lot with a coworker when we went to drop off presents for a family living in a shelter. My coworker had never seen the awesome power and sheer beauty of a Vol... (more)
Safety. The Turbo. The Seat Warmers. Haldex AWD. Technology package (I can see my avg MPG, Avg Speed, Current MPG, how many miles to empty all on the steering wheel stick). Dimming review mirror. Outside Temperature notification. My favorite feature about this car is probably just the sheer power of it. It's a very powerful and fast wagon, especially compared to similar stock models.
Service and repairs can be expensive. Other than that I literally love everything about it. There is nothing better than the feel of this powerful beast beneath me.