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Rochester, New York
Dependable and safe for the family
My Stratus is still a sleek good looking car after all these years. Eight years old and it is still running strong, with regular basic maintenance. It has almost been a smooth and comfortable ride and has decent power for the engine size. It handles very nicely and has pretty good gas mileage. It held up well in the one accident I was in and kept me safe. Great affordable car for a family on a budget. Very good for a trip, even though the interior is not that big.
Independence, Missouri
I love my Dodge Stratus ES!
I love my 1998 Dodge Stratus ES. We bought this car in the spring of 1999 when I was pregnant with our first child. My previous car was a 92 Chevrolet Cavalier that was a two door and the engine was going out. We were looking for something with 4 doors and would be reliable. I had no idea how reliable that car would turn out to be. It didn't have a ton of bells and whistles, but it did have power windows, ABS breaking system, dual airbags, and a Mitsubishi V6 engine. I have now had this car 19 years and I can still drive it like I stole it. Old girl still has great get up and go. We have a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country that hates Missouri winters and gives me a hard time, but my Stratus still fires right up even in 10 below temperatures. It gets around great in the snow and has never broken down on me. Other than some cosmetic issues over the years (couple of car accidents), it still runs fantastic. We're looking at buying a new car in the future and I will trade my minivan and keep the Stratus. My only complaint is that we never had keyless entry, but it wasn't a deal breaker. I would definitely buy another Stratus. You definitely get your money's worth!
Oakmont, Pennsylvania
This car had one problem after another, and I spent much more money keeping it running than the car was worth. Not only would I buy this particular car again, I will never again purchase any vehicle from the same manufacturer/family of automotive brands.
When I first bought this car, I absolutely loved it. The style of it was attractive and almost sporty without the impracticality of an actual sports car. The car was relatively comfortable, spacious, had decent gas mileage and offered a nice ride. Unfortunately, it was not long before I started having small problems. The lower settings for the fan stopped working. I took it back to the dealership twice to get it fixed. It would work for a day or two, then quit again. I finally resigned myself to running with my heat or a/c going full blast or turned off. After that, condensation from my a/c started pooling in the floorboard of the car rather than dripping outside. The car went back to the dealership for repairs again. Water stopped dripping inside the car, but the air conditioning also no longer worked. I was tired of throwing money away to have minor things fixed, so I decided that I could live without air conditioning. I'd had the car for approximately two years when I began having problems with the brakes. At the time I owned this vehicle, I worked 5 miles away from my apartment and rarely drove it more than 60 miles away from home. It was gently used and well-maintained. My brakes had started "chirping", so I took it in to the shop assuming it was time to replace the pads or whatever. I was told that my car did not need new pads, it needed an entirely new set of brakes (to the tune of about $400). A month later, my brakes started chirping again. Thinking that perhaps the mechanics at the dealership had been ripping me off or doing something wrong, I asked a mechanic friend to take a look at it. I was told that, based on the amount of wear on my brakes, there was no possible way they had been new a month before. I then had the joy of paying for another entirely new set of brakes and I actually watched my friend put them on. A month later....guess what? Squeaking brakes. When I took it back to the shop, the mechanics were baffled. I needed all new brakes all over again. It was at this point that I traded the car in for a Chevy. Dealing with the nightmare of this car literally made me question my own sanity, and I will never buy another Dodge ever again.