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2001 Mercury Grand Marquis OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Neoga, Illinois
The interior is very comfortable and has lots of room. The frame is very sturdy. I have drove it 104,000 miles and hit a tree and only came out of it with one dent. It has a very stylish feel, and as many would call it, the "old man's car" is great for an
I liked the fact that it never broke down. It sat in the barn for the entire winter without being started even just once, and still ran like a top come spring time. The big beast wasn't very fuel-conservative, but when it came to accident-prone people, it was perfect. It was easy to perform maintenance on, and had a very simple engine and internal system. It performed great for 104,000 miles until the tires blew, but what tires don't go bad at some point in time? The interior of the car was very spacious, perfect for carpooling or any medium sized family. The seats and details were very stylish, and easy to clean.
Tampa, Florida
The Mercury Grand Marquis, GS, is one great automobile. The car is roomy and spacious. When it comes to power and performance, this car beats all of its competitors, wheels down. Let's start out with the engine. It comes standard with a V8 engine that will blow the doors off of the usual V6 and V4's. While those other cars can barely chug up a hill, the Grand Marquis, will glide up the hill towing a full load. Front bench seat, allows for up to six adults to sit comfortably. Leg room is no problem in the front or the back seat. It comes with all the power options, like window, doors, outside mirrors and seats. The power adjustable front seat is great because you can go higher or lower, which is a bonus if you are extra tall or those who are not standard height (you can throw out the old phone books, you won't need those to see over the steering wheel anymore). This car provides a smooth ride. Even at faster speeds, you feel like you are sitting still. If you have a lead foot like me, you might want to keep an eye on that speed-odometer on those long hauls, when traffic is light as the ride is so smooth, one might be tempted to drive a little faster (allegedly) than posted. The best feature of the vehicle is it's safety features. Airbags and steel side curtains, and the material that this car is constructed of offer greater protection that some of the easily smashed in cars being built today. This baby is built like a tank. Even though the Mercury Grand Marquis is a powerful V8, it gets great gas mileage. It is also a low maintenance vehicle, even after it has over 100,000 miles on it. I purchased this car used Valentine's day 2012, with 117,000 miles. It still looked like it had just rolled off the lot. It also had most of its original parts. When you want style, safety and value, you want a Mercury Grand Marquis.