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1995 GMC Sierra 1500 - Reliable and sturdy

Pine Bluff, Arkansas
Fuel Economy
I like this vehicle, because it's made for working. It does all of the things that you expect out of a truck. I have noticed no issues with towing or with hauling. The cab is the perfect size for moving, and I've used it to help many people move several large pieces of furniture. I like the fact that it is older and therefore isn't as prone to a lot of the scrapes and dings that newer model trucks tend to experience quite easily. It is quite easy to personally maintain, and the parts aren't overtly expensive. I like the fact that you can put larger tires on it without having to worry about cutting into the body or getting a lift-kit. I like the fact that the front seat is one continuous seat and isn't separated by a middle console, but it does come with a middle console that can be lif... (more)
I live in Pine Bluff, AR and although it is considered urban, the location that we live in is lush with greenery. We have a nice-sized lot (it is actually considered to be four lots by the city), so there are always birds, squirrels, rabbits and other critters that we like to watch. Since we also don't live very close to large buildings or factories, we are somewhat surrounded by trees, and th... (more)
The most positive aspect of this vehicle is its sturdiness. If I were ever to be involved in a car accident, I would be more worried about the other party, especially if they are driving a newer-model vehicle. It doesn't cost any more than any other truck of its size to fill up the tank (about $60), but it lasts much longer. Most of my driving is done in-town, as opposed to highway driving and a mere $10 can last a few days. Although it is a truck, we have had no problems seating five to six people because of the backseat. My truck came with a grill guard, which provides me with a feeling ... (more)
Although I enjoy the extra seating in the back, I do wish that there was a little more leg room for my taller backseat riders. I’ve noticed that when taller people sit in the back, they have to turn to the side in order to sit comfortably. I also wish that there were three to four doors, because the space that people in the back have to use to enter and exit the vehicle is much too small. Sometimes I have to opt to ride in the backseat just so that some people don’t have to squeeze through the tiny space or get stuck. My body size is petite, and I’ve also had problems with this. I’ve also ... (more)