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2016 Honda Odyssey OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Green Bay, Wisconsin
I love this van!
I love this van. We purchased it about three months ago, so we haven't had it long, but it has been a huge upgrade! The sliding doors are a must have when you have little children like we do. Getting a toddler and infant inside is so easy compared to the car we had before. Now I can push a button and the doors slide open and my toddler loves to jump in. No more trying to squeeze past car doors holding an infant carrier and trying not to hit the next car over. I love that the lift gate opens and closes with the touch of a button and the back row of seats lay completely flat for more room. We travel a lot, and since my son was born, we've needed one of us to sit in the back with him as he's not the best traveler. This was a pain before as it was tight with two car seats, but with the van, it's so comfortable that we don't mind it at all. The seats are roomy and comfortable. There's a lot of leg room and talk about tons of storage! I love that the seats come out easily. It's a pretty smooth drive, but on bumpy roads, it can get a bit bouncy in the back and reminds us of driving our old Jeep. We love the dual air options and heated seats for when winter hits. Overall, I just love this van. It's roomy and super convenient to have with small kids. I love the extra room we have to grow and how easily we can pack up for a trip or go shopping without having to remove the double stroller or anything else to make room.
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Extremely reliable family vehicle.
I love the reliability of the Honda Odyssey. We've had it for a year and haven't had one single issue with it. The only reason it has seen the inside of a body shop was for routine maintenance. The last minivan that I owned was being repaired every three months. When two adults work full-time with children, you don't have time for repairs. We traded it in for a vehicle that is widely known for its reliability. The vehicle is fairly efficient on gas mileage which is helpful for a commute. I have had family members try driving the vehicle and they all mention how smooth it drives. I think I have become spoiled that I don't notice just how smooth it rides until I get into another car. Wow! The Honda Odyssey is definitely a smooth ride. If you need a vehicle that provides ample space, this can seat up to 8. Most vans only seat 7 but this has an opportunity for one extra seat. We did choose to lease this vehicle because we had not had the best of luck with reliability of vehicles in the past. My husband and I have already discussed what we will do when the lease is up. Without a shadow of a doubt, we plan to purchase this vehicle outright at the conclusion of the lease. I can't imagine a better minivan for our family.