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Miami Beach, Florida
Surprisingly reliable.
This car is great for those who are new to car buying or those who don't have a lot of money for a car. When I bought this car, I was just looking for a car. Although my desire was a different brand that I much preferred but could not afford at that time. I went in to this purchase with both positive and negative feelings -- I'm getting a car, but it's not the one I want. After some time driving, I have changed the way I think about this brand. It is surprisingly a very reliable car. It also gets good gas mileage, probably because it's a lighter car, but with the way gas prices were fluctuating and often getting higher than necessary, saving on gas is exceptional. I have never had a problem with this car with exception of one recall that I wasn't even aware of, nor did I even have a problem with the part being recalled -- not a major issue, simply something to do with the electronic window, if I remember correctly. In the time I've had this car, I've only had to do regular maintenance, and one time only had to get a new ignition part and an O2 sensor. Everything else on this car runs well, despite it now having over 150,000 miles. This has been the least expensive car I've ever owned due to the fact that as long as I do the maintenance recommended on time, it keeps running very well. I have been surprised by this brand, and while I still love that other brand, I won't hesitate to check this brand out again when I go shopping for a new car in the future.
Carney, Maryland
Fuel Efficient and Practical Sedan
I got the 2004 Kia Rio sedan new with a manual transmission and none of the upgrades. This meant manual steering and no AC, but I never use AC because where I live is a reasonable temperature and there are advantages to manual steering like improved high speed handling, slightly better fuel economy and less maintenance. I installed my own sound system, which made more sense to me because I knew what I wanted and am a mechanic so I could easily install it. Even without the head unit, the car still came with all the speakers in the doors and the wiring harness, so the radio/CD player was plug and play. I never missed the AC, though when parallel parking the manual steering could become a pain. While I still maintain that it's worth the trade off if the only options are manual or power, I prefer variable assist which gives you full power assist at low speeds for parking and less assist on the highway when stiffer steering is preferential. Unfortunately this vehicle doesn't offer variable steering as an option. This car is remarkably durable. The only warranty work I had to have performed was one axle when the CV boot came apart and a dome light and heater switch that were poorly made and the plastic broke quickly with regular use. The interior is very basic and the back seat is more appropriate for children or cargo than adults, but there is a good amount of trunk room and I never have trouble getting what I need packed in the car for transport. The 1.6L four cylinder engine is surprisingly powerful when paired with the 5 speed manual transmission, though I have driven the automatic with power steering and AC and that model is notably underpowered for merging and passing on higher speed roads. The car is very cost effective to purchase and drive, however. With an initial cost around $10,000 and gas mileage that by my tracking exceeded the reported data (I always got over 30 mpg, even when city driving), I am thrilled with the value of this very practical vehicle. It may not be the most fun or stylish sedan on the road, but it certainly makes sense for a daily driver as it is easy on the environment and the wallet.