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Phoenix, AZ Driving Tips and Experiences

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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ Driving Tips
I would give two tips but they hit on the same idea. When coming to the Phoenix area, make sure you have tinted windows and sunglasses. The sun is very bright and it can be very hot here. A car without tinted windows feels like a form of torture. When your windows are tinted, it helps to keep the internal temperature of the car lower. Tinted windows will also help with blocking out some of the harmful sun rays that can do damage to your eyes. To give your eyes even more protection, sunglasses need to be worn when the sun is in front or above you while driving. Failure to follow this advice can make for an uncomfortable and angry drive.
Phoenix, AZ Buying Tips
The Phoenix area has several auto malls to purchase vehicles. Really, where you want to buy your vehicle is the least of your issues. Looking for the best deal is always the best way to go. If buying a newer vehicle, it is probably best you buy from some sort of dealership. This will give you warranty on your vehicle and this can come in handy during our summer months. One item that must be considered, when buying a vehicle in Arizona, is the battery. Will the battery in the vehicle hold up to the hot summers? What is the approximate life of that battery during high temperatures? Does your warranty cover batteries? If the battery is in less than great shape then ask the dealership to put a brand new one in for you. This will help prevent you from having to replace this battery within a year. Another item to consider are tires. Tires go fast in our desert heat. You want to drive off the lot with brand new tires. Due to the very high temperatures during the summer months, it is easy to blow a tire on the freeway. The better shape the tires are in, there is less of a chance of this happening. Tires are extremely important in the Valley. Blowing a tire on the freeway can get you, your family or anyone else on the road killed. When driving along Arizona freeways and highways, you will see many shards of tires on the side of the roads. The last item you should pay attention to when buying a car can make or break your driving experience and could ultimately affect your health. It is very important to have a working a/c unit in your vehicle. It needs to work well and blow cold air. Again, the summer months are treacherous and you do NOT want to be stuck having warm air blow or have to roll down your windows. If you do not have air and travel in the Phoenix area, you are putting yourself at risk of heat stroke. The air unit is another reason you should buy your vehicle from a dealership. You will most likely need to have a warranty to lean on. Air units in Phoenix can suffer many problems and cause you to have a terrible day.
Favorite driving memory
My favorite part of the year to drive in the city is when the Arizona State Fair is in town. I live in the West Valley and travel into downtown Phoenix everyday for work. The state fair usually comes at the end of October into the beginning of November. This is also a time when we finally get some cooler temperatures. I travel into the downtown area by using the I-10 going eastbound. There is a spot where the I-10 has a 'mini stack' and you can take a ramp going northbound on I-17. If you take this ramp during the evening or night time hours, you get a beautiful view of the city with the fair in the foreground. There are the beautiful neon lights of the fair against the dark skies and the lights are also on in the sky scrapers in downtown. There is that moment where you want time to stand still so that you can take in all of the sites. Sometimes, if you get on the ramp at the right time during sunset, it creates a beautiful scene. Arizona has some of the best sunsets you will ever see but adding the lights from the fair and downtown make it incredibly unique. It's unfortunate that this scene is really only available to Arizona about two weeks out of every year. Even without the state fair the drive into downtown in early morning hours or in the evening is just beautiful. As long as it doesn't cause an accident, I urge you to make this drive and see for yourself the beauty our great city creates.
Favorite road
Van Buren between 91st Ave. and 99th Ave.. First, I have to admit that I haven't driven every road in Arizona. Out of the roads I have driven, one of my favorite sections to drive is Van Buren between 91st Ave and 99th Ave. Last year, Tolleson went through a beautification project. Construction seemed to last forever and it was difficult to get a sense of what was trying to be accomplished. I have to say, it was well worth the wait. Tolleson renamed this stretch "Paseo del Luces". The city repaved this stretch of Van Buren and widened the road. There were trees and new lighting added to the street, as well as tables and chairs to sit and enjoy the day/night. A water feature was put in, in front of the public library. Speakers were "hidden" all down the street and music plays most of the hours of the day. Outdoor kiosks were added where vendors sell snacks, t-shirts and a variety of other items. Lights were strung up above the road for most of the stretch of road. New signs were added that point towards the remodeled downtown Tolleson area. A huge plus to this is that large semi-trucks are not able to travel this part of the road. This is very nice because they easily tore up the road. When you come to this side of town, you should do so when the sun is going down. You can roll down your windows and cruise down the street. You will hear the music playing and see all the beautiful lights and new statues that line the street. Take a moment to stop at the water feature and watch the water dance and the children play. There is plenty of seating and a large grassy area to put a blanket down and relax. Please be mindful of the speed limit here, as it is only 25 miles per hour. This is a perfect cruising speed.
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ Driving Tips
Carpool lane is totally under utilized and only really used at certain times of the day. Free way driving can be unnerving because truckers are in every lane and some cars don't believe in using their blinkers. As long as you understand the basic layout of the roads you can sometimes by pass the freeway traffic and take the surface streets. By taking the surface streets you get to see more of the city and see more sights that you might not see by driving only on the free way. During rush hour most people switch lanes constantly trying to get into the lane that is moving the fastest. When there is an accident people have to slow down and get a good look which in turn slows down the rest of the traffic. You eventually learn which streets to avoid at certain times of the day because there will be traffic during those times. On the freeways some people hate to let you move over and that can get very frustrating. Most of the time driving here is a pleasant experience unless you hit horrible rush hour traffic. You have to watch out for people walking across the roads instead of walking down to the stop light and crossing in the cross walk.
Phoenix, AZ Buying Tips
I have never bought a car in this city yet. I know that there are several streets that has many different car dealerships right next to each other. I think that would be great for price comparisons. On the other hand if you wanted to buy used or from a person there is always craigslist and a lot of people have groups on face book for yard sales etc that can have people trying to sell and get rid of their cars. You can always do it the olden way and drive around to different neighborhoods and see if any one has a car for sale in their yard. You can also use word of mouth from friends, coworkers, and family. I think using craigslist and face book groups can work as long as you meet in a public place and people know where you have gone. Every city has a couple of dealerships whether they sell new and used cars or only used cars. You need to be willing to drive to compare prices and what is available in your price range. Some dealers are in scary neighborhoods while others are in better neighborhoods. Be aware of your surroundings.
Favorite driving memory
My driving highlight is when we headed out to see where deer valley road went to. It was fun to just drive and look at the change landscape and cityscape. Each community in the metro area is a little bit different in terms of housing developments versus older homes that have been there awhile. Also it was interesting to see the commercial properties and where different things were. We eventually ended up on the Loop 303 which was still under construction so that was very interesting especially with a van full of kids. We eventually found Grand Ave and knew how to get home without resorting to our GPS. I love taking random roads and see where we end up. It is also a great way to get to know how to get around the city. Hopefully next time we do this we can find some other places that we didn't know about. This is also a way to find out about where the traffic hotspots are and how to avoid them. On another one of our random drives we found some nice hiking spots that we need to go back and hike.
Favorite road
Pinnacle peak. It has open land, not really urbanized. There is an LDS Temple on that road. You go up pass Thunderbird Park. Thunder Bird Park is a place that has no development and no houses. You can see people hiking at Thunderbird park. As you top the hill there is a nice view of the valley below. At night the view is very nice with all the city lights. There is not very much traffic. There is a public library just off this road. It has some wide open spaces. Not very much commercial places just enough for the area. The road is in good repair and has no potholes like other roads in the city. The freeway is easy access. Not a lot of pedestrians trying to dart across the roadway. The golf course and water park are taken care of real well and are not eyesores. The enhance the surrounding community. The houses that are visible are in good repair and not falling apart. Has nice walls and sidewalks just seems like every thing up there is well taken care of. Doesn't seem to have much crime or graffiti that can be found in other neighborhoods. Nice green lawns and desert landscaping around the different buildings.