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Cincinnati, OH Driving Tips and Experiences

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Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati, OH Driving Tips
The best piece of advice I can give is to learn where the back roads are and where they go. Accidents are pretty prevalent in the city particularly during the morning and afternoon rush hours. In fact, each work day is generally seen with accidents on every major express way and road that most people take. People drive aggressively particularly close to the city. It is worse during the winter when a 10 mile drive can take up to 4 hours when the snows hot. Yet, most people stick with the major roads in the morning and evening rush hours. So, it is better to know some of the back road ways in order to get around. We have several alternative ways to travel. They are longer, have more lights, than the express ways during the later morning and early afternoons. However, during the rush hours periods, these alternative routes provide a quicker way home. In fact, a 4 hour drive on the express way make take less than an hour using back roads. So, my best piece of advice would simply be to learn alternative routes in case of bad traffic tie ups and bad weather.
Cincinnati, OH Buying Tips
We have the Automall located in Mason just a few miles north of Cincinnati. Here a person can find pretty much any auto dealer known for both domestic and foreign automobiles. The prices are generally comparable to what is found at most the dealers located in the city. A second hot spot auto dealers is located in the Eastgate region on route 125 off of our circle freeway 275. This road way id lined with a number of dealerships that provides an alternative to the Automall. I would not recommend buying off of Craigslist. I think it is better to speak to a dealer and an opportunity to drive a vehicle before making a purchase. After recently purchasing a vehicle, we found that different dealerships give different deals and information about available discounts. So, it is better to go to more than one dealership. For example, one dealership offered a 2500 dollar trade in off the list price. But, during this time of year, dealerships were giving this much in discounts anyway. The discount and lesser trade in value was a better deal.
Favorite driving memory
I generally like to drive. Although, driving in the city is not my favorite. There are a number of great places to drive in Cincinnati that are in a more rural region. Perhaps one of the best drive hot spots for me is to travel along a less traveled road, no express ways, to a nearby lake. We have several good lakes to spend an afternoon. The drive out to one lake, Cawan Lake takes me on some roads that are rarely traveled and make for a relaxing drive. There is a lot of scenery along the way and some farming areas as well as a great view of nature. Even better is the fact that other drivers tend to be in no rush, maintain distance and are generally pretty respectful. There is an occasional cyclist also enjoying the simple route where a ride is generally pretty safe. After time at the lake, I and my family can repeat the same drive home. We can also take an alternative route just to see a different view. There is a lot to see in this area of the city. It isn't covered with high rise buildings or a lot of people. But it does provide a good way to drive relaxed and take in the view.
Favorite road
Snyder Road. Snyder road is a connecting road that parallels both main express ways. It is an alternative route to travel to places like King Mills where Kings Island is located. We also use Snyder as a means to travel to some of the nearby restaurants particularly "the buffet". One reason this has become a favorite road is because the traffic tends to be the same at any time of the year and any time of the day. It is a good way to avoid rush hour traffic or construction that cause the main express ways to be so congested and far slower than a back way. Synder road is easily accessible to where we live. It provides a route that we know what our traveling time will be no matter where we are planning to go. It keeps us off the heavily traveled express ways where drivers are more impatient and more aggressive. There is less chance of an accident. It is more of a rural and suburban route than major roads and highways.
Cincinnati, OH
Cincinnati, OH Driving Tips
If you can, drive other than the expressway if driving for pure enjoyment. You'll enjoy it much more because Cincinnati has such definite neighborhoods which you can't experience on the expressways. Avoid expressways when possible between 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM. Traffic is horrible and if there is an accident, it is difficult to get off to take an alternate route.
Cincinnati, OH Buying Tips
Each section of town has its own "auto spot". I would recommend going to the one in your section: East Side - Beechmont Avenue, West Side - Colerain Avenue, South Side - Florence, KY, North Side - Dixie Highway in Fairfield or the Kings Auto Mall. Check out the inventory at each dealership before you go because going to a dealer closer to where you live will be easier for after sale visits. If the vehicle you MUST have isn't available at the closer dealers, go only to those that have the vehicle you want.
Favorite driving memory
My driving highlight was when I realized that I live in the exact part of the city to suit my patience with other drivers and the avoidance of high traffic areas. Cincinnati is definitely a city of sections with the west and near north being the earliest settled and developed. The far north, east and southern areas were previously pretty rural and have just been developed heavily over the last 25 years. Living on the westside, I do not have to travel much on the expressway for day to day travels. Travel is never heavy, drivers are considerate and there are various routes than can be taken if a road is closed due to construction, an accident, etc. My daughters live on the east and far north parts of the city and the traffic there is so heavy, especially at certain times of the day, that a one mile trip can take 15 minutes!
Favorite road
Devils Backbone. Just as it name indicates, this is a twisty road that goes up and down hills. Most of it is suburban with a little bit of country thrown in. I like to drive this road because it makes me feel like a super driver. Negotiating the hairpin curves allows me to be very precise in my driving. In a car with a manual transmission, it is even more awesome.