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2017 Toyota Tacoma OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Denton, Texas
Fantastic first truck for everyday use.
The Tacoma is my first truck and is a perfect fit someone getting a truck for the first time. I don't have to do heavy duty hauling regularly, so a larger vehicle wasn't necessary. It's great to be able to move large pieces tow my trailer to and from the race track. The truck provides a very smooth drive and reminds me of driving a regular sedan - no obvious changing of gears, etc. The SR5 trim provides a lot of great options like a backup camera, satellite radio and a large touch screen. I find one key downside to be the infotainment system. It's a little dated and I would have preferred Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. As a fun tip, you can fit a standard double size inflatable mattress in the truck bed - great for going to the drive-in!
Denver, Colorado
Dependable, good looking, and comfortable
This vehicle is dependable. We took it on a road trip around the USA and Canada (over 20,000 miles) and did not have any mechanical failures or issues. The extended cab version offers plenty of space, and the seats are comfortable and spacious in the back and front of the cab. The truck bed has more than enough room to accommodate many different types of things, including a pallet and full-size mattress we used for sleeping. The four-wheel drive is easy to use and can handle a variety of terrains both Rocky Mountain back roads and icy/snowy conditions. The overall quality is really good. There have been no mechanical issues, shakes, weird noises or rattles even though we are approaching the 30,000-mile marker. Toyota also has a good reputation for quality, and I see many older Toyotas still driving on the roads, which makes me think my truck will stand the test of time and last for a long time. Maintenance has been easy thus far because it has been included under our warranty, and even when we were on the road, finding a center that qualified for our warranty was quick and easy. No major problems have occurred such as engine trouble, battery issues or tire issues, and we have needed no repairs, which makes me believe this car is very dependable. The sound system works great, and I especially like the ability to connect via Bluetooth. It has convenient usb ports and even an option to use plug ins for small electrical appliances if needed which is a very nice extra. A couple of cons for the vehicle would be the navigation system that is included is not all that user friendly and a little tricky or difficult to figure out compared to the navigation system on smart phones so is kind of unnecessary/not a great feature. Another con would be, like with many large trucks/vehicles. Gas mileage is not the best, but compared to other vehicles in this class, it is somewhat better than most. The cruise control is a great feature and includes an option for ECT power which helps further gas mileage over long distances. The color choices were great, and I love the dark grey color of my truck! It looks slick and stylish, and I feel really great driving it. The power window and locks work well, and it is really convenient that it unlocks (with the key present) when you are standing near it and trying to get in. I also like the keyless start/stop that is included as it is very convenient as well. One other negative would be the lack of compatible toppers for the truck bed. We have tried a couple and have had issues with leaking for all of them because of the shaping/contouring of the truck bed which is a negative.