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Deer Park, New York
Quality vehicle for a reasonable price
This is the third Altima I have leased, and each time the quality seems to get better. The ride is smooth and relatively quiet. I am very comfortable when driving, which is very important to me. In all of the Altimas I have leased ,I have never had any mechanical problems with them. The dashboard is well lit, and all controls can easily be seen. There is nothing blocking the view of the dashboard. The seats are comfortable, and the rear seats have plenty of leg room. The speakers are well placed and more than adequate for a good listening experience. I have driven this car over 20,000 miles, and it still rides as it did when I left the showroom. It feels tight and well built. I can see my gas usage and I have seen a slow increase in the miles per gallon usage. The USB port is in a convenient place which is important when using smartphone navigation. The lines of the car have gotten better looking with each model year and this one is no exception. This model has actual rims instead of just wheel covers and it makes the car look even nicer. I have been moving a lot of stuff recently as I am relocating and it holds a good amount especially with the back seats down. The car responds well when applying the gas and it quickly kicks into an over drive when needing to pass. The transmission is seamless and changes gears without much notice.
Elizabeth City, North Carolina
I absolutely love my vehicle. It is very comfortable to drive. I love the fact that it is Bluetooth capable. It is also excellent on gas. When I put $30 worth of gas in the car, it last for almost a whole week.
I like the fact that it is excellent on gas and that it is Bluetooth capable. It also has a camera, which allows me to easily see when I am backing out my car. I love the color of the seats and the fact that they are very comfortable. I also love the exterior design of my car. The front of my car is very sporty looking. I love the fact that it has great horsepower. When I press my foot on the gas, I love the fact that it immediately takes off. I don't have to press the gas so hard for it to take off. When I drive my car, the ride is very smooth. I can barely feel any bumps on the road. I love the fact that I don't have to put a key in the ignition. To start my car, all I have to do is press a button. I also love the fact that it has a remote, which allows me to lock and unlock my car. If I make a mistake and leave my key and lock myself out of my car, I am able to still unlock my car with a press of a button.

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