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New York, NY Driving Tips and Experiences

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New York, NY
New York, NY Driving Tips
When driving in NYC you have to be a defensive driving driver. 98% Of divers in this city are aggressive drivers. It will be more convenient if you drove before rush hours because driving can become very time consuming. If you are driving in a school zone be sure to drive under the speed limit because it's cameras on every light pole the capture your speed and will send you a ticket if you drive over the speed limit. If you are going to the city it's better to take public transportation because you won't find a park and parking lots are expensive. Almost every day side parking meters are In effect so if you are going to park in the street, be sure to have quarter. Our parking meters actually take credit cards and quarters.
New York, NY Buying Tips
I'm not sure where or how to purchase a car. I only have one experience with car buying. When I went to get my car I brought it through Nissan of queens dealership. I know if you go on kings highway in Brooklyn, NY there are a bunch of dealers. As long on hillside Avenue, in Queens, NY you will find a bunch of car dealers. One important fact about buying a car in nick is that if your are financing a car in NYC you will have to get liability and full coverage car insurance. It's required by law that you have the two types of car insurance. Typically car insurance in nick is very expensive. I'm not sure what auto list king is but I know I would never buy a car from craigslist. The reason why I would never buy a car from craigslist is because it's not a reliable source. Furthermore, anyone can create a post on Craigslist. I would always go to a big recordable dealer to purchase a car.
Favorite driving memory
My favorite part about driving In New York City, is driving through Brooklyn, NY. When I'm driving in Brooklyn it always keep me entertained. For instance one day I was driving in Brooklyn, down Flatbush Avenue where I see two cars on front of me who's cutting each other off. About 10 blocks down the two drivers got out of there car and started a verbal argument and stopped traffic for about 5 - minutes. Furthermore, other drivers began to honk their home. Some drivers went as far as getting out of their vehicle and joined the argument. Eventually NYPD pulled up. I'm pretty sure both drivers was in deep trouble. The cops pulled both of the drivers over. I pulled of as soon as I was able. I proceeded down Flatbush ave heading home. Despite it being after 5pm, rush hour and I was tired, I couldn't even get mad because this incident was so silly. It's never a dull moment driving in New York City.
Favorite road
Flatlands ave. I like to drive down Flatlands Ave. The reason I like to drive down flatlands I'd because the roads are smooth. It's well known that NYC have horrible roads. However, flatlands ave roads are different. The lanes ate spacious. I like driving down flatlands ave because 90% of the time the road does not have a lot of traffic. Furthermore, it's a lot of stores of flatlands avenue. I enjoy driving down flatlands avenue because there are plenty gas stations to choose from. It's never aggressive drivers driving the road. The traffic lights are not to long.
New York, NY
New York, NY Driving Tips
The most important tip is patience . Patience really is an important virtue here. You need to have a truck load of patience behind the wheels. Its always helpful to accustom yourself with all possible routes to reach your destination so that you can always take the shortest route possible. It pays to use a GPS to steer around. We should be tolerant of others mistakes as well so that we do not get angry and lose control. Sometimes it can really take long to get past the traffic but we should not break the rules. We should give ourselves ample time to reach our destinations and not hurry up . Also the compassion that we should have for fellow drivers on the road shall never be under estimated.
New York, NY Buying Tips
I would say that comfort and durability of the car that we ride are the important factors to consider while buying a car . The car should tolerate rough environments pretty well since it would be out mostly in high temperatures and bad snow . The car's engine should be in a good condition and also the wheels . NYC offers variety of models and number of showrooms with discounts and benefits. We can do our research and find out the best possible deal in the market. One should look at the web stores to compare and get the most efficient deal. And also someone who offers good after sales servicing and maintenance .
Favorite driving memory
Driving in New York City is an adventure in itself . Everyday brings along vivid memories and challenges . Though one may feel that riding public transport is the way to go here , however , we need to go by car because of nature of our work. My work in an advertising firm also demands frequent travel by car. Its really difficult navigating on the roads of NYC because of heavy pedestrian traffic and tourists flow. At every nook and corner of the city we encounter people hurriedly trying to cross the roads . One day when I was going to my client location , I almost hit a biker who came in front of my car all of a sudden . I was completely disturbed thinking what could have happened. It reminds me to pay more attention on the roads .
Favorite road
Central Park west side. This road encircling Central Park from West Side is beautiful . Its greenery all around . Its perhaps the single largest green patch around NYC and a major tourist destination. Its an interesting place to drive through , you will find many people with vivid talents everywhere. You can have an enjoyable experience. Many times I park my car and get off for a walk .Its absolute pleasure. Its an amalgamation of many cultures and cuisines . One would feel the taste of entire world here . It is one place I love to go back every time during summer evenings and drive around. Also the fact that one can access major destinations from here makes it an important junction. We can find almost all important organizations around it.


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