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Anaheim, CA Driving Tips and Experiences

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Anaheim, CA
Anaheim, CA Driving Tips
Don't try to figure out why other people are doing what they are doing? There are crazy drivers everywhere, but just more of them here as there are more people. Don't tailgate as people do not give signals for long but it is generally an after thought and goes on right before they make the turn. Expect the unexpected. And really the best advice is plan your trip well and give yourself extra time, that cuts down on road rage temptations.
Anaheim, CA Buying Tips
I'm not really sure, haven't lived here that long. I think we may have ended up on AutoListking. Anyway, it was not Craigs list and it was user friendly and gave a lot of information about each car. It had a feature that was helpful, a slide show about the car and an audio bleep about each car.
Favorite driving memory
The freeways in Southern California are a world unto themselves, as well as a cultural phenomenon unlike an other anywhere in the world. This urban suburbia is spread out over a diameter of one hundred miles. Naturally, getting on any freeway takes courage and fortitude, and patience. During rush hour it is not uncommon for a short trip of say ten to fifteen miles to take a solid hour. Some of us just don't deal with the intensity of the freeway well, and take the side streets. During some hours this can actually be faster, even with all of the stoplights. The fun thing about all of this is finding ever more creative routes to get to work. Finding those roads least traveled can really cut down on the minutes, as well as keep frazzled nerves from shorting out. And the bonus is getting to knowing the community better too.
Favorite road
Los Coyotes Diagonal. Its a short cut to Long Beach, the scenery is pretty going through some of the older, more established neighborhoods of Long Beach. It ends up near the university and other side streets can continue on to the beach area in Long Beach, which is really quite nice and not as heavily tourist filled as other beach areas.
Anaheim, CA
Anaheim, CA Driving Tips
Stay off the freeways during morning and evening rush hours. There are several good east-west alternatives, and a couple of north-south roads that parallel the freeways. Even the stops for traffic lights don't take as long as the jammed freeways, and when there is a traffic accident the freeways are a much worse choice.
Anaheim, CA Buying Tips
Anaheim and surrounding cities have many individual dealerships, and few places where several dealers are clumped. Internet searches might be the best way to find a particular brand or model.
Favorite driving memory
I was able to catch all green lights on Imperial Highway from Yorba Linda Blvd to Kraemer Blvd one morning. With all the cross traffic bringing people in to this main road during morning rush hour, the "smart street" settings on the traffic control seldom are a match for traffic flow. But since Imperial does get a majority of the time, it was possible to make all the lights, and I did, just this once.
Favorite road
Orange Thorpe Ave.. Orange Thorpe has always been a serviceable alternate to the crowded and jammed 91 Freeway it parallels a half-mile north. But it runs directly alongside the major commuter rail line. So crossings were getting more and more difficult. Now grade separation overpasses and under crossings are being built along its entire length through Anaheim and points west. So now we get to watch the construction, and eventually it will be a fast road again.