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San Jose, CA Driving Tips and Experiences

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San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA Driving Tips
I like to tell other drivers to take backroads when they're driving at times of the day that there tends to be more traffic. One of my best friends loves to take the freeway but often gets stuck in traffic, especially if he's not with me and cannot take the carpool lane. I tell him all the time that the backroads are easier to drive and will be faster especially if there's traffic but he swears by the freeway. When I'm with him, like today for example, we drove to get on the freeway when I noticed the traffic of everyone getting off of work and trekking home. I told him we should take the backroads and he suggested we take the carpool lane. I again suggested backroads which turned out to be a peaceful drive. I know all the backroads like the back of my hand so I know how to get somewhere taking them if I'm trying to avoid the freeway.
San Jose, CA Buying Tips
I think when you are buying a car it's best to go to a bigger dealership. When I got my first car here it was at a smaller used car lot and the car that I got had so many problems. My dream car used to be the Volkswagen Jetta and when I was able to get it for my first car I was beyond happy. But when I got the car and started driving it, so many things started to fail. There were many repairs that I needed to make to my car and it felt like a lemon, only it wasn't a new car. After a year and a half of the issues this car gave me I took it back to the dealership and traded it out for a newer model of a Jetta which was in better condition and did not need quite as many repairs. I found that the Prius I bought at a larger dealership was the best quality car that I've bought and it never had any issues. All I needed to do was keep up with the oil changes and tune ups and it never gave me one problem. It was so nice to be able to drive without worrying if my car will overheat or break down on me. I think you get a better quality car when going to a bigger place so this is my biggest piece of advice.
Favorite driving memory
One of my favorite memories of driving in San Jose was when I first got my drivers license and was learning how to drive. I remember driving around my house and going to my best friends house about a mile away. I picked her up from her house and drove her to our mutual friend's house. The drive there was relaxing and there was a gorgeous sunset. I remember having the sun roof open and feeling the wind in my hair and the air was cool because the fall season was just starting. We drove down a road that was a bit windy, but not a sharp windiness but an easy pleasing windy road. We got to my friends house and he was impressed that we drove to him instead of him driving to us and picking us up like he always had done before. Later on we drove and got a frozen yogurt together and I was so excited because having my own car meant that I could go wherever I wanted whenever I pleased without having to ask someone for a ride like I always had to do until then. When I dropped my friend off I drove to the mall and browsed at different stores and visited another friend on her lunch break. I was able to take her to get some lunch and took her back and it was just so exciting having my license for the first time in my life.
Favorite road
Coleman Avenue. My favorite road to drive on is Coleman Avenue. It is a kind of windy road but it is very relaxed and an easy road to drive down. It was one of the first streets I drove down where I felt comfortable and at ease behind the wheel when I first got my drivers license. I take Coleman to a few of my friends' houses and if I'm going somewhere and can take Coleman to get there, I will take Coleman. I pass a lake on Coleman when I drive down it. There are tons of trees on this street and the soft glow of the orange street lamps looks beautiful at night. It is such a long road and connects to a lot of other major streets so I find it is easy to get around in my area when I'm taking Coleman Avenue. They recently just did construction on this street so it is so much more smooth to drive down. I love putting on some good music and driving to relax and I always feel relaxed driving down this road. It also helps that it isn't very busy so it is a pretty peaceful route.
San Jose, CA
San Jose, CA Driving Tips
Keep Your Cell Phone Off, Don't Text, Turn on Your Headlights, Obey the Speed Limit, Minimize Distractions.
San Jose, CA Buying Tips
Enterprise Car Sales is different from other car dealers. They provide customers with simple no-haggle pricing, professional people, and a low-pressure sales approach.
Favorite driving memory
I think one that comes to mind is when I was five years old. My mother was in the hospital so I walked over to my friend's house. She showed me her dog who had puppies and asked if I wanted one. Of course! I remember picking a small black and tan squirmy love. I didn't ask for parental permission, I simply walked home with her. I don't think my father stood a chance looking into both of our eyes. I named her Happy because that is what she made me. To this day, I refer to her as my HAPPY thoughts.
Favorite road
7 Trees Village Way. This route has four distinct segments. It starts off fairly easy on Stevens Canyon Road, with varying scenery and a little traffic. There are some sharp, blind hairpins and you generally can't see too much ahead. The second segment is a bit on Highway 9 that connects to Skyline Blvd. This is much more open road, and has excellent banking. In particular, there's a segment somewhere near the Skyline junction where the road gently zigzags and you can see almost a mile ahead. I call it the "joy" segment. Then we connect up to Skyline, which is quite empty and pastoral at this end. Finally, Page Mill leads back to the highway and is actually extremely tricky. This was my first run with the Audi TT-RS, and I was grateful for the all-wheel drive.