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2003 Chevrolet Venture OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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48383, Michigan
Don't bother.
I really thought I was going to actively enjoy this van, as I planned on going on many road trips and growing my family. I did purchase this car used, but from the dealer, he claimed it was in tip top shape. 30 days after we brought our new car home, it was falling apart. The electrical would only work when it wanted to, including allowing us to open the back doors half the time. The DVD player actually shorts the whole van, and the back wiper had to be completely dismantlement due to another short. The outside of the van is completely rusted out/the underneath of it is falling off in pieces, and this is with regular washes in the winter months (still wondering why state uses salt for ice on the roads). We have had to replace the entire muffler 3 times in 4 years, brakes 6 and the rotors are constantly squeaking, new or not. The electrical is just shot, our windows don't work, and only the front door works now. We cannot adjust the seats. The seat belts on all three back seats are jammed broke. It was just another thing every month, and this was JUST driving 15 miles to work and home, I never got to take my van on a road trip. Just horrible experience and I don't think I will ever buy used again. It is just ridiculous what car dealers can get away with. The body is horrible, it you just slightly nick a child's bike parked in your driveway, you have a dent and a scuff. The back seats are horribly uncomfortable. The second row where I place my baby car seat is jacked up, the prongs under the back are too internal to even connect a car seat. Although this model offers a car seat for younger ones, and let me add, is not up to safety measure what so ever. Gas is not that bad, if you fill the tank up, which is about 60 dollars today, it lasts about a week driving to full time work and a few errands throughout the week. If you don't fill to full, whatever amount, it will be gone in a day. I have taken care of this van like it was a child, and it still just is falling apart. We just replaced the battery, alternator and it has finally been starting up for us, but didn't take care of any other issues. I think it is just a too old of a van to have anymore, but like I said, 30 days after purchasing it with under 100k miles, it just fell apart month by month even with expertise care.
Clarksville, Tennessee
Great Multi-purpose vehicle!
The quality of this van is unmatched! I purchased this vehicle as the primary form of transportation for my 6 year old stepdaughter. She is confined to a wheelchair and uses a special car seat until we purchase a handicap accessible van. This is the perfect vehicle to last us for years! The back bench seat easily folds down to accommodate an empty wheelchair and still has plenty of space for an entire month of groceries! Smooth, reliable ride with heat/AC controls for both the front and rear. The open spaces allows easy movement inside and outside of the vehicle and the two captain's chairs are easily folded or removed to make more space. The interior has both front and back lights that automatically turn on when you turn the vehicle off. The carpeting is easy to clean as well. We get approximately 500 miles to the tank and the interior dashboard shows the temperature and estimated fuel mileage. Our Chevy venture has not let us down! The radio has controls in both front and back and very clear audio regardless of where you are sitting. We have also used this vehicle as a taxi service and frequently get compliments on the smooth ride!