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14 Chevrolet Camaro results

2010 Chevrolet Camaro OWNER RATINGS & REVIEWS

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Greenville, North Carolina
Great fun, a few issues.
The 2010 Camaro was the first year of the redesigned and reintroduced Camaro after not being in production for several years. As with many clean sheet designs, it has some great features and a few kinks to be worked out over the next model years. They styling of the car still looks good, even after being out for nine years. It may not be considered a classic in the future, but the styling has held up longer than some of it's contemporaries. The clear coat has chipped in a few places on the front bumper, which has made the bumper look more worn than it should. Very few issues on the exterior besides that. The engine provides good power and the suspension is just right to make this a joy to drive. It has just the right amount of engine noise to soak up the fun without being unbearably noisy. Only a few mechanical problems since I've had the car, had a fuel pump issue that was still covered under the warranty. Also had a timing chain problem, but that was me waiting too long in between oil changes, so can't fully blame Chevrolet for that one. Overall, reasonably reliable. I've managed to get about 23mpg average since owning the car. For a car with that much horsepower, its pretty good. The interior is very good, it seems to be a notch above some of GM's other interiors, although it still uses that cheap looking plastic dash and door panels that GM has been using for decades. The car has a surprising amount of trunk space, I've been able to fit four golf bags in their and still have room for a few other small items.
Brooksville, Kentucky
Not what I expected
I dislike how the interior is set up. I sit so low in the passenger seat that I can't see out the windshield. It's hard to drive due to the blind spots. The fuel economy is great at 28 mpg, which is excellent considering it's a sports car. The car has been reliable since I also use as a work car driving 110 miles a day to work. Performance is awesome on curvy roads. But, during the winter, when it snows you have to park it because it won't stick to the road. It is very dangerous on slick roads. I love the style of the Camaro; it looks awesome driving down the road. People are always commenting on how nice of a car it is. Which it does look sharp with the body lines set up the way it is. It's hard to see out of the back window due to the factory tail fin. Also, the way the fenders are flared, it makes it hard to see a car in the side mirrors. As far as practicality, It's definitely not a family car. The back only seats two people and a child's car seat doesn't fit very well because of the room. The performance out of the 6 cylinder motor is actually powerful and feels like a V8. People who drive it believe it has the V8 motor in it.